Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem – Happy Halloween Achievement Guide

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Happy Halloween Achievement

Carve a dozen pumpkins

You need to carve the pumpkins in the museum, and then place them on the candles around the game. Parry house steps – there are 12 positions to place them. You can only have 1 carved pumpkin in your inventory at a time so there is a bit of to and froing.

Pumpkins Locations:

  • Parry house steps.
  • Nancy’s guest room at Parry house.
  • Parry kitchen.
  • Courthouse steps.
  • Stage in town square.
  • Counter in Lauren’s shop.
  • Under the big tree in the cemetery.
  • In front of the unmarked graves statue in the cemetery.
  • Lauren’s front stoop at the carriage house.
  • Museum counter.
  • The town square Roger Conant statue.
  • Haystack in town square.

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