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Home » Guides » Life is Strange 2 - All Souvenir Collectible Locations (Episode #5)

Life is Strange 2 - All Souvenir Collectible Locations (Episode #5)

Written by Holly Johnny   /   Dec 5, 2019    

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Episode #5

Drawing Spot #1 - Out Of Ink

Once you gain control of Sean, you can draw in the Sketchbook on the floor to his left.

Souvenir #1 - The Magic Place

Once you're done packing up, head down the slope. To the left of the bath you'll see the option to interact with a weed, go past that and onto the end of the ledge. You can ask Daniel to get the souvenir for you.

Drawing Spot #2 - Out Of Ink

Climb onto the roof of Karen's RV using the ladder on the left side of it and use the chair to draw.

Souvenir #2 - The Age Of Reason

When Daniel asks if you want to hunt for treasure, say yes. He'll give you hints to find the clues he's left around to make a map leading to the souvenir.

  • Clue #1 is under a pile of rocks at the windmill. Clue #2 is on the back of the solar panels.

Once you've made the map you can go collect your souvenir.

Souvenir #3 - She Wolf

On top of the plant boxes you can pick up a sticker.

Souvenir #4 - Remorseful

On the left side of David's RV there's a box of junk, look in it and you can take the bottle opener.

Souvenir #5 - Dead Man's Bones

Head towards the wall, on the right side from the car and you'll find some jugs and a rock to pick up.

Souvenir #6 - Boundaries

After you grab your backpack from the locker, look in the bag on the floor to the left.

Written by Holly Johnny.