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Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Matchmaking Fixes and Other Issues

Written by Peter Ze Pan Thrower/Loler920a   /   Dec 6, 2019    

A simple tweak to .exe's for improved matchmaking time and reliability


Been getting the "receiving server data" issue to often and waiting for it to process. Along with lengthy and unreliably matchmaking.

Decided to a quick dive for a solution.

What does this tweak do?

It makes anything from halo have administrator rights.

Step 1: Locate Your Install Location

1. Search for Halo in the search bar.

2. Right click Halo.

3. Select properties.

4. Select the "Local files" tab.

5. Select "Browse local files".

Step 2: Searching for Files

6. In the search bar type " .exe " and wait a little bit.

7. Make sure these files show up.

Step 3: The Tweak (Repeat for Other .exe)

8. Right click an .exe and select properties.

9. Select the "Compatibility tab".

10. Check the checkbox for "Run this program as an administrator.

11. Select "apply" then "ok".

12. Repeat for remainder .exe files

Another Matchmaking Fix in Game

Turn off "relays" in the "Network Settings" menu.

1. Be in the game.

2. Options and careers (Bottom left, or just pause).

3. Go to settings.

4. Go to Network.

5. Ensure "Relays" is "OFF".

I guess this is some kind of VPN style option if enabled.

Other Known Issues (Not Matchmaking)

Problem: Programs that can affect HALO: MCC performance.

  • ICUE (From corsair).
  • Logitech Ghub (From logitech).
  • Snyapse (From Razer).

Solution: Disable / Close programs.

Problem: When using Bluetooth-connected headphones with Halo: Reach PC, users may lose audio after opening the game's main menu. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, attributed to how the title prioritizes devices, with a simple step-by-step fix available.


Problem: Unlocked framerate causes many stability issues.


  • If you have a 60hz monitor don't bother with uncapped framerate. Stay on "60 fps", as your monitor will only show 60 frames a second no matter what.
  • People over 60hz who want stability will have to deal with a 60hz framerate cap. Physics and stuff can get real weird when calculate at different frames and with big frame drops.

Problem: Audio issues, things don't exactly sound the same as the original.

Solution: There is no solution for now, porting over audio along with effects is apparantlly challenging. Wait for patch / updates.