Bloons TD 6 – Anti Camo Upgrades Guide

Camo Balloon

A balloon that is coloured in a camo style that can only be popped by certain units. Below are the best units for dealing with them.

Dart Monkey

Throws a dart.

Enhanced eyesight

  • Shoots further and dectects camo class balloons.

Wizard Monkey

By far the best unit for popping camo balloons.

Monkey sense

  • Allows the wizard monkey to detect camo balloons for himself.


  • Dark magic reveals the location of camo balloons for other units.

Ninja Monkey

Throws stars.

Counter espionage

  • Allows the shurikens to strip camo off the balloons.
  • Revealing them to the other units.

Super Monkey

Monkey of steel.


  • Allows more range and detection of camo balloons.

Sniper Monkey

Long range sniper.

Night vision goggles

  • Allows sniper monkey to detect and deal double damage to camo class balloons.

Sub Monkey

Sub in the water.

Submerge and support

  • While submerged camo balloons in it’s radius are revealed.

Bloontonium Reactor

  • Submerge to see camo balloons and pop them.
  • Towers also get -15% cool down time.

Spy Plane

Flys around in the sky.

Spy plane

  • Can now hit camo balloons.


Controlled helicopter.


  • Allows helicopter to detect and pop camo class balloons.

Monkey Buccaneer

Boat that shoots darts.

Crows nest

  • Allows ship to target camo class balloons.

Monkey Hut

Gives bonuses in area of effect.

Radar scanner

  • All monkeys in the area of the hut can see camo balloons.


Puts down turrents.

Cleansing foam

  • Sprays foam that removes camo layers, regrow and pops lead.

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  1. there are semi camo upgrades like the glaive lord rotating glaives, spirit of the forest vines, inferno ring meteor

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