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Guacamelee! 2 - All Achievements Guide

Written by dehparticles   /   Dec 7, 2019    

A guide on every achievement in Guacamelee! 2 and how to unlock them. Warning: Possible spoilers and secrets ahead, view at your own risk.

Story Mission Achievements

The following are achievements that can be obtained by progressing through the story. These are probably the easiest to obtain as they can't be missed in regular gameplay.

I Remember That Being Harder

  • Defeat Calaca

The beginning of the game starts right where you left off; at the end of the first one. Since this is the beginning of the game, the boss is not meant to be as hard as the previous game and as such, you should earn this achievement fairly easily.


  • Regain the mask

After receiving the main story quest in the Darkest Timeline, you are sent to Los Manglares from Pueblucho, where you meet up with Tostada. She will kill you to send you to the death dimension, where you will find the mask one screen to your left. The achievement should unlock after the cutscene.

Show's Over, Go Home

  • Defeat El Muneco

The first Relic you need to obtain is in the Jade Temple, and you will have to fight Muñeco before you get it. The fight is relatively straightforward, but sometimes he'll launch chickens to come at you so be prepared. Achievement should pop once done.


  • Defeat Uay Pek

The second relic you need to obtain is in the Templo de Obsidiana, but in order to get to the boss, you will have to clear a room of "wings" in order for a door to open. Once you get to the fight, you will have to be mindful of the shifting walls and extra enemies placed, though he takes damage fairly easily.

Questionable Plumbing

  • Discover the Pollo Illuminati's headquarters

In Prison "El Corazon", you will find a Pollo challenge dungeon (refer to Quest Related achievements for more info) that has a toilet. Jump into it and you'll be led to the headquarters where the achievement will soon appear.

Prickly Pair

  • Defeat Cactuardo and Zope

A tag team consisting of a bird and a monster cactus, you will find them in Infierno on the way to the Templo de la Serpiente. The fight consists of attacking Zope until he sits on Cactuardo's head, in which you'll have to knock him off in order to stun Cactuardo and deal damage. It may take some time depending on how much damage you deal, but overall it's not difficult.

Severed 2

  • Defeat Uay Pek a second time

(Hidden Achievement)

You'll have another fight scene with Uay Pek before you enter the portal to Salvador. A single blow will kill him and the achievement will unlock.

Nacho Libre

  • Defeat Salvador

This fight has two distinct parts; the first one is a pair of snake heads that will take damage seperately. The second is Salvador himself, who will use shields and dimension swapping to his advantage. Defeat him once and for all and you should earn this on the spot.

Combat Related Achievements

Some achievements can be obtained simply by fighting enemies. As long you attain specific requirements, which really aren't that difficult, you should be able to snag these achievements.

I Was Told There'd Be Candy

  • Defeat a Pinataface

Pinatafaces are as the name implies; they have a piñata as a face. Simply defeat one to earn this achievement, the earliest you can find it is in Los Manglares.

Santa Golpiza!

  • Reach 150 on your hit-meter

Essentially the same as the last game, rack up 150 on your hit meter to earn this achievement. There are entire sections of the game where you literally turn into a giant chicken that smashes everything so it shouldn't be hard.

Talented Player

  • Dodge 10 enemies' attacks by rolling

Besides attacking enemies, dodging is a great way to avoid them. Dodge 10 and this will almost certainly pop the achievement.

Grapple Expert

  • Use all four of Coscorrona's special throws

Upgrades return in the sequel, but they're a little bit different this time. Unlike the last game where you bought upgrades at save points, you meet individual trainers who will give you access to purchase certain upgrades with their "skill trees". Coscorrona is one of the trainers who specialize in throws, simply use all of them once you purchase them.

Juan Punch Man

  • One-shot an enemy with a fully upgraded super move

Usually in a skill tree there are two upgrades to purchase before a move becomes a super move. Look out for the weaker enemies, kill one of them in a single hit, and you are in sight of the achievement.


  • Kill 50 enemies as chicken

You can become a chicken again in the sequel, and this time there are more aces up your sleeve. There are greater advantages to being a chicken in the sequel, which means it's also easier to attack enemies. Kill 50 of them to earn the achievement.

6-Piece Combo

  • Juggle an enemy with 6 Chicken Shots or Slides before it touches the ground

You learn two specific moves as a chicken; Chicken Shot and Slide. They also come with their own unique shields, with Shot in purple and Slide in Orange. The easiest way to achieve this is by continuously Chicken Sliding an enemy with a Shot shield, wherever you may find one.

The Floor Is...

  • Eagle Boost from 10 different hook points without touching the ground

This isn't necessarily combat, but it is an ability that you learn early in the game. I've seen people achieve this in Los Manglares before the Jade Temple, but I was able to do it in the Templo de La Serpiente. Whatever works best for you.

Combo Machine

  • Complete all of Flame Face's challenges

Remember Combo Chicken from the first game? This time, Flame Face is running the combo game all over the map, but he essentially serves the same purpose. Complete all of the challenges and you'll earn this achievement.

Luchonarrative Resonance

  • Kill 1000 mean, nasty skeletons without families

This will take some time, but kill enough of those skeletons and you will be awarded for your genocide.

These are not fertilized

  • Lay a dozen eggs

Again, not necessarily combat, but an ability that you learn. Eggs are a returning ability for chicken, however they do nothing. Lay a dozen of them and you'll earn this achievement for basically doing nothing.

Quest Related Achievements

Extra tasks can be found outside of the main story, and some of these tasks grant achievements when collected.

Y cant guacamelee crawl

  • Complete a Pollo challenge dungeon

Pollo challenge dungeons are featured throughout the game, some are even required in order to progress the story. Complete one and you'll get the achievement, and maybe even a new ability as well.

Temple Raider

  • Find 100% of the hidden items in a temple

Basically what it's telling you. The Jade Temple, the Templo de Obsidiana, or the Templo de la Serpiente will work for this, I was able to get this manually but you may need a guide handy.

I Have Nothing Left to Teach You

  • Fully purchase one trainer's skill tree

There are 5 trainers in total with each having a specifc skill tree with purchasable upgrades. It may take some time to rack up the gold necessary, but once you fulfill all the upgrade requirements and buy the upgrades, the achievement should be unlocked.

One Down...

  • Complete a secret Chicken Key Challenge

Chicken Key Challenges are unlocked after the Cactuardo and Zope boss battle, and completing one will get you a piece of the Chicken Key. There are 5 in total, earn one in order to get this achievement.

Special Delivery!

  • Feed the hungry guard

In Isla Bonita, as part of the Secret Keys Challenge, there's a portal in one of the houses. The guard will only let you pass if you prove your chicken enough by laying an egg. Maybe the ability doesn't do nothing after all, huh!

Moves Like Jaguar

  • Defeat Jaguar(s)

(Hidden Achievement)

Part of the Secret Keys Challenge, in Los Manglares. You will fight three seperate versions of Jaguar Javier, defeat them all to earn the achievement. Essentially, it's the same boss battle as the first game, except a little easier due to the amount of Jaguars.

Very Special

  • Open the Golden Door

Once you've completed the Secret Keys challenge, head back to the Pollo Illuminati Headquarters in order to open the door that leads to the final challenge.

Talk to the Hend

  • Receive the Holy Hen's message

(Hidden Achievement)

Once you have completed said final challenge, you will be able to speak the Holy Hen. Not only will this grant you an ability and some chests, but something else special.

Mr. Worldwide

  • Achieve 100% completion in all areas

The same idea as the last game; find all the chests and hidden collectibles all over the map. Again, you may need a guide handy to make this a bit easier.

El Tecnico Tactico

  • Purchase all of the upgrades

Fully purchase all the trainer's skill trees. You have basically become a full luchador by the time this achievement is unlocked.

Legend of the Timelines

  • Reach the good ending (collect all keys)

I don't want to spoil the ending since it's usually much more satisfying if the player experiences it themselves, however to get it you have to have collected all the keys from the Secret Keys Challenge. It awaits you!

Other Achievements

King of the Hill

  • Defeat El Trio de la Montana

Throughout the game, there are many portals that lead to other, more quirky universes. One of them consists of an RPG style battle, where the Trio is the boss. It's a nice nod to the previous game in my opinion.

One Born Every Minute

  • Open a loot box

In Villachula, you'll find the House of Doors portal. For graciously saving a family from a locked door, you get to witness the most groundbreaking unboxing there is. Have fun!


  • Cleanse the Mexiverse of the Vehicular Menace

(Hidden Achievement)

In the Bonus Street, you'll find a nice dude with a nice car. Destroy it, and the nice dude will find a nicer car. Destroy that, and you've done your duty to the Mexiverse.

You Survived

  • Enter the Heart of Dankness... and return

(Hidden Achievement)

MEME 2011.

He Looks Portable

  • Find Juan and Lupita in the Darkest Timeline

The Juan you play as is the only living Juan in all the timelines, so the Juan and Lupita of the darkest timeline have since passed. Find them in the Agave field in the darkest timeline to earn the achievement.

Even Darkester

  • Beat the game on Hard mode

If you've completed the game (or entered the Konami code, whatever floats your boat), you can unlock hard mode. Like the first game, enemies hit a lot harder so you better familiarize yourself.

Three Enemigos Achievements

Three Enemigos is a DLC for the game that gives the player the ability to play as El Muñeco, Uay Pek, and Jaguar Javier. You can use these characters to earn achievements as well, which are signified by +.

+ Cool Cat Counter Attack ('Enemigos' Character Pack)

  • Dodge then Hit 15 Enemies as Jaguar

Jaguar Javier deals extra damage to enemies after a successful dodge, and the early parts of the game have plenty of attempts with Slicers (the blue skeletons that you have to hit in the back). The achievement should pop up after that.

+ Steal the Show ('Enemigos' Character Pack)

  • Perform with the Dead Band at the Mariachi Club as El Muneco

Sidequests don't return in the sequel, however this sorta resembles one from the previous game. After you've obtained Dimension Swap, return to Villachula. Go to the Mariachi club at the very top of the city to return Panchito's guitar. After you go through everything, you'll soon learn that Panchito has passed. As El Muñeco, swap dimensions to perform with the dead band, and the achievement should pop.

+ Body Builder ('Enemigos' Character Pack)

  • Defeat a Giant Skeleton as Uay Pek's Head

A Giant Skeleton is distinguishable by the visible heart in its chest. Uay Pek's head simply means his "chicken form", so use your abilities to defeat the skeleton to achieve this goal.

+ Welcome to MY World ('Enemigos' Character Pack)
  • Defeat 25 Enemies in the Living World as Uay Pek

Uay Pek takes more damage in the Living World, however his attacks heal him in the Dead World. Make sure you're in the right one before you begin rampaging, but soon enough you should complete this after some time.

+ Jaguar's Redemption

  • Defeat Salvador as Jaguar

Essentially the same fight, but this time play as Jaguar. There will also be different dialogue between Salvador and Jaguar, so that's nice.

Proving Grounds Related Achievements

The Proving Grounds is a DLC which is basically this game's "El Infierno", in that you are granted several challenges that you can receive medals for. You can also receive costumes for the trainers and even Salvador, which paves the way for some unique achievements. Achievements for Proving Grounds are signified with ++.

++ Bronze Champion (The Proving Grounds)

  • Achieve a Bronze Medal for all of Tiempochtli's Challenges

You will receive a bronze medal just for doing the challenges, no matter how good or bad your progress is. In total, there are 15 challenges needed, so knock yourself out.

++ Silver Champion (The Proving Grounds)

  • Achieve a Silver Medal for all of Tiempochtli's Challenges

You will receive a silver medal for achieving the minimum requirement in the challenge, depending on the specific challenge. It'll take more effort, but less effort than Gold.

++ Let Sleeping Gods Lie (The Proving Grounds)

  • Wake up Tiempochtli

For getting all Gold medals in the challenges, a door will open that will lead to Tiempochtli, a god who has a fascination for guacamole. Talk to him to earn the achievement and relish all of your hard work. In case you need a more-in-depth guide, I have one here:

++ Slippery Snake (The Proving Grounds)

  • Complete the Snakes in the Grass Challenge without taking damage

This challenge utilizes the chicken and some relatively simple enemies, and all you have to do is to avoid taking damage from them, while also making sure you know your best algorithm for defeating them.

++ Explosion Therapy (The Proving Grounds)

  • Kill 20 Exploders using Wall Fly while completing the Exploder Elimination Challenge

The challenge mentioned utilizes Exploders, so you basically have to kill them all before the self-destruct and kill you too. Killing them is made much easier with Wall Fly anyway, so this achievement should be inevitable if you're going down that path.

++ Salvador's Sister Act (The Proving Grounds)

  • Visit the Mother Superior in Isla Bonita as Salvador

By meeting with Tiempochtli, he'll grant you (mistakenly) a costume that lets you play as Salvador. Visit his mother as him in Isla Bonita to earn the achievement.

++ Snake Temple Throwdown (The Proving Grounds)

  • Grab and Throw 50 Enemies as Coscorrona in the Snake Temple

Everytime you complete a trainer's main challenge, you earn a costume for that trainer, and Coscorrona is no exception. For this achievement, you need to utilize her throws by using them on 50 Enemies in the Templo de la Serpiente. It may be hard trying to find an abundance of them, but they're there, I can assure you.

In Conclusion


  • Obtain every achievement in the game

Figured I'd include it here because it's the conclusion. If you've made it this far, then you've essentially completed the game, congratulations! Think of this as your Platinum trophy, you are now the Guacamaster!

Most of the achievements in this game are fairly simple, however some of them will require a bit more effort and patience, which also make the game more replayable.

Written by dehparticles.

Game:   Guacamelee! 2