Subnautica – Minimalist Walkthrough (Early Access 7)

This is a minimalist walkthrough for completing Acts 1 to 4 of Early Access 7 in Subnautica: Below Zero. It’s intended for players who want to avoid too many spoilers. It’s a simple checklist of tasks rather than a detailed guide.

[Section 1] Research Base Zero to Sanctuary Zero

  • Exit Research Base Zero and head to Alien Research Site Zero (the alien base).
  • Leave Site Zero and head back to the research base.
  • Escape to the drop pod.
  • Find Sanctuary Zero in the Twisty Bridges and acquire AL-AN.
  • (Optional Tools) Search around for the following blueprints and tools: habitat builder, compass, high capacity oxygen tank, rebreather, seaglide.

[Section 2] Repair the Radio Tower

  • Build a laser cutter.
  • Gather a Ship Wreck Salvage part. There are 3 Crashed Ship Wrecks around the lilypads biome south of Rocket Island. 2 of them contain a “Ship Wreck Salvage” part, which requires a laser cutter to acquire.
  • Visit Rocket Island and repair the Radio Tower.
  • Construct a rocket.
  • (Optional Tools) mobile vehicle bay, sea truck, prawn suit, sea truck modules.

[Section 3] Post-Radio Repair Quests

Sometimes, the radio tower breaks again during these quests. You can ignore it and still build the rockets as long as you have fixed the radio tower once.

Part 1: Visit Maida in her Base

  • You need to trigger 2 cut scenes with Marguerit Maida
  • 1st Maida cut scene: [Prerequisite: Collect 1 Ship Wreck Salvage, which you should already done to repair the radio tower.] Visit the cave right before the Rocket Island Base and head towards the base.
  • 2nd Maida cut scene: After triggering the 1st cut scene, visit Maida’s base and wait for audio dialogue, check PDA for code.

Part 2: Get Jeff’s PDA and send Kharaa Sample

  • Glacial Basin: [Pre-requisite: Get notification to visit the Glacial Basin] Go to the Glacial Basin.
  • Find Jeff’s Bunker and grab his PDA (this is required for triggering the Enzyme 42 dialogue later on).
  • Find the Frozen Creature and get the Kharaa Sample.
  • Visit rocket: Send Kharaa Sample.
  • (Optional Tools) snowfox, hoverpad, cold suit.

Part 3: Get Omega Research Notes

  • Outpost Omega code: This is probably the buggiest part of the game, and I don’t know what exactly triggers acquiring the code. It’s usually: repair radio tower, get AL-AN, check PDA for “Codes & Clues”. On one playthrough, it didn’t show up until after I completed those steps, saved the game, quit, and reloaded the game.
  • Omega Research Notes: get inside Outpost Omega.

After waiting a set period of time after sending the Kharaa Sample and obtaining the Omega Research Notes, you’ll receive 2 separate audio dialogues where Sam asks why she didn’t receive the Kharaa Sample or the Omega Research Notes.

[Section 4] Enzyme 42

Once all steps of the previous section are complete and their respective audio dialogues are triggered, wait 1 day. That will trigger the audio dialogue to send Enzyme 42 to Vesper Station and the beginning of Act 4.

  • At this point, the Emperor Leviathan will spawn between the arctic and lilypad biomes around (1000, -170, -780). Get an Enzyme sample from him.
  • Build Rocket a 2nd time and launch it.

This triggers the ending of the story portion for Early Access 7. You will receive a developer notification thanking you for playing through Early Access.

You can continue playing afterwards, but everything else is optional.

  • Build Seatruck & Prawn Suits.
  • Acquire all 3 pieces of AL-AN and build him. Note that there’s no white tablet in the game yet, so you can’t complete his quest.

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