TEKKEN 7 – Master Raven

Useful T7 Info:

Master Raven

Difficulty – Medium

Raven’s boss makes her debut in T7. She essentially has the same moveset as Raven from TTT2 with some minor changes and additions. Like Raven, she also has a strong space control with various keepout tools and good whiff punishment. Keepout with Master Raven is a bit more unorthodox as it often involves whiffing certain moves on purpose as they have better recovery that way than on block. Her punishment has improved from Raven, as even thought she does not have a i15 launcher, she still has strong punishment overall. Master Raven allows for a variety of playstyles ranging from poking and counter hit fishing to high risk mixups. Most of the mixups come from either her crouch dash or from back turned stance. The crouch dash is a great tool since it allows MR to approach her opponent and have access to her moves not only from crouch dash, but also from while standing, full crouch and certain standing moves. Her back turned stance has unique moves much like Ling or Feng. Her parries are also fairly unique and function differently compared to the rest of the cast. She is however sometimes forced to take risks when trying to open up an opponent with her stronger lows.


  • Strong space control.
  • Huge damage output, one of the best.
  • Very versatile toolset, can be played in many ways.


  • No launcher for -15 moves like most characters.
  • Stronger lows are often pretty risky.

Recommended for players who like:

  • A well rounded playstyle.
  • High damaging characters.
  • Ability to control space well.

Written by Fergus!

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