GTFO – Terminal Commands Guide

This guide is about on how to use the terminals, also contains some videos and a command list for useful commands to know.

How to Use the Terminals


The Terminal while simple and something that can be easily passed by, is a valuable survival tool.

Giving you the ability to know whats in a room before entering it. The ability to find supplies and mission objectives, among other useful things, having someone who can efficiently use the terminal can be vital to a teams survival.

Some commands are quickly listed bellow, and more will be added to this guide as needed.

Terminal Commands

A list of commands to help find what you need quickly.

  • List item
  • Example: list Medipack

  • List Zone_#
  • Example: List zone_34

  • List Zone_# Item
  • Example: List Zone_34 Ammopack

  • Query item_#
  • Example: Query Medipack_337

  • Ping item_#
  • Example: Ping HSU_554


GTFO Terminal Basics

GTFO Terminal Advance Commands List

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