Darksiders Genesis – Boatman’s Labyrinth Guide (Map)

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This guide contains simplified map of Boatman’s Labyrinth.

What is the Boatman’s Labyrinth

The Boatman’s Labyrinth is the area in The Void behind Dis’s area.

As you progress through the game and complete side quests the area expands allowing access to more platforms and coins.

There is a side quest and achievement to collect all coins in The Boatman’s Labyrinth.

The first coin you find is a freebie and doesn’t count towards the 11 required for the side quest / achievement.

The Map

Below is a very simplified map that shows the general layout of the Boatman’s Labyrinth.


How to obtain the coin – Shoot the Ballista multiple times and the coin will spawn near it.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 1 – “Engines of Destruction” – Destroy the Ballistas in Blackstone Keep.

Soul Cages

How to unlock the coin – Destroy the Soul Caches.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 2 – “Open the Soul Caches” – Borrow souls from each of the Soul Caches.

Gold Bars

How to unlock the coin – Collect the 6 gold bars scattered around the platform. The coin will spawn near the entrance to the platform.

Side quest to unlock – Chapter 3 – “Hell’s Forge” – Gather all the ingots in the Inferno Vault and take them to Hell’s Forge.

Void Portal

How to unlock the coin – Interact with the portal, a demon will spawn and die.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 4 – “Close the Rift” – Close the rift leaking void creatures in Icebind Cavern.


How to unlock the coin – You need to pat the 5 dogs and a specific order. The dog will get pink hearts around it if done in the correct order.

Side Quest to unlock (not sure, could be 1 of 2 quests).

  • Option 1 – Chapter 5 – “Cruelty” – Locate and Kill the Houndmaster in Mammon’s Vault.
  • Option 2 – Chapter 14 – “Best in Show” – Defeat the Houndmaster in The Dredge Works.

It is 100% not “Respect for Animals” – Defeat less than 5 hounds before killing the Hounmaster in The Horde. I had access to the dog platform before completing this side quest.

Im leaning towards option 1.

Skeleton Soldiers

How to unlock coin – Nothing special just pick it up.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 7 – “The Dead Court” – Defeat the Dread Lord’s Subjects in Decay.

Floating Demons

How to unlock the coin – Push the Green Demon to the green side of the area and push the Red demon to the red side of the area. The coin will appear in the middle.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 8 – “Stauch the Flow” Find out what lies at the bottom of the lake of corruption in “The Holdback”.


How to unlock the coin – Simply talk to the angel and the coin will spawn.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 11 – “Good Deeds” – Save the uncorrupted angels in Bastion’s Fall.

Tip: Do it on casual difficulty, i tried on Apocalyptic and the angels got basically 1 shot + it spawns more enemies to kill before saving them.


How to unlock the coin – Squish all the bugs, even the 2 on the side of the platform.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 12 – “Infested” Defeat the grub queen in The Maelstrom.


How to unlock the coin – Grab the bomb with the ghost hand and destroy the bomb growth, the coin is under the 1 in the back.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 14 – “Saboteur” Destroy Moloch’s Mining operation in The Dredge Works.

Red Barrel Bomb

How to unlock the coin – Simply destroy the barrel and loot the coin. If you are on the platform the barrel explosion will knock you off.

Side Quest to unlock – Chapter 15 (i’m not sure which one, just do them both).

  • “Demolition Derby” – Destroy 10 structures in War Machine.
  • “Ready to Blow” – Destroy all 12 of Moloch’s supply caches in War Machine.
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