Halo: Reach – Just Like Storming a Castle Achievement Guide (HTMCC)

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This quick guide explains what some people (including myself) are doing to complete this achievement and why it isn’t working.

The Problem

While playing the 3rd mission for Reach you probably think it wouldn’t be super difficult to speed run right? Yeah, that is pretty true. But when I saw this BS when I got this achievement today I started having second thoughts:

But of course, I am not the truly epic gamer I thought I was and this achievement should be super easy for people to acquire. During the time I was trying to complete the level on par time the mission gives you a choice, there are two forts, both have enemies and you have to activate something for each one. The first few tries I thought I was doing pretty decent but these two forts took a massive amount of time from the 10 minutes I had to complete the mission. After a few more attempts that ended in failure I figured out a solution to the forts.

The Solution

So, when you activate the object depending on what fort you go to you will eventually get that new objective on your screen telling you to eliminate the remaining enemies. The AI often wander around in random directions so it can take a while to hunt the stragglers down, once this is done you get a new objective telling you to go to the next fort. This is the part that took forever and I figured it was just because it was a difficult level to speedrun. As it turns out, all you had to do was do the complete opposite of what it tells you to do after activating the fort. Just ♥ right off in a vehicle and go to the next fort. Once you start moving toward the next fort your objective will update and tell you to activate the second fort and the game just ignores the fact you just left all the enemies at the base. So you do this to the next fort too and that saves a lot of time on your run. Once you use this “strategy” the speedrun becomes much more straightforward and you can easily get that epic dub and be one of the ♥ 0.2 percent to have that achievement. (Hopefully it wont be like that for long tho).

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