Boneworks – How to Unlock Sandbox

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This guide shows you how to unlock sandbox in Boneworks.

Sandbox Unlock Guide (Step by Step)

  1. Start the Breakroom scene (very beginning of the game).
  2. During the force grab tutorial, throw all items into the left side Archive receptacle.
  3. Continue through the rest of the level and continue through the next museum level until you are about to enter the physics playground that requires jumping.
  4. There is a secret archive door in the corridor leading to the playground.
  5. Inside is a Boneworks box. Break it open and take the module inside.
  6. Take the module with you to the area with vending machine. To the right of the vending machine is a receptacle meant for guns and items. Throw the module into it and finish the level.
  7. Module is now available in main menu and all you have to do is plug it in.

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