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Boneworks - How to Get the Hover Junkers Secret to Fly

Written by MisterJerome   /   Dec 12, 2019    

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This guide shows you how to get the Hover Junkers secret to fly also where to find the batteries.

Hover Junkers Secret Guide


You are gonna need 3 Batteries which can be found in the level!

  1. The first is right next to the hover bike.
  2. The second can be found all the way at the bottom level in a sort of tank station thingy.
  3. And the third battery is hidden in the desks just above the reclamation site where you throw in all your collectables.

Bring Them Back and Your Done

Now you have to bring all of the batterys back to the hover bike and insert them!

The bike will then start to fly and break through the glass.

The controls are kinda wonky so watch out.

And the craft doesn't stay in the air for long either, and crashes down after a bit of flying.

After that it's broken and you can't fly anymore.

Written by MisterJerome.

Game:   Boneworks