Boneworks – How to Jump Higher

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Found a cheeky way to make yourself jump higher than the usual game allows you. It also gives you the ability to scale giant body size boxes, big gaps and speedrun your way to finishing!

The Steps on How to Do It

  • Step One: Press the crouch/jump button and hold it.
  • Step Two: Press your movement button to go in any direction you want.
  • Step Three: As you let go to jump, jump a bit in real life with your feet off the ground (Just be careful of your head incase your roof is quite small or your too tall!)
  • Step Four: If timed correctly you just done a super long jump or double jump if you want to call it like that.

With this I was able to skip the whole of Warehouse just by timing my jumps and going off all the roofs and sprinting to the train!

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