TEKKEN 7 – Lars Alexandersson

Useful T7 Info:

Lars Alexandersson

Difficulty – Easy

If there was ever a char in tekken that would be the closest to Ryu from Street Fighter, Lars most certainly fits into that role. He is arguably the most well rounded character in Tekken 7 and perfect to learn the game with. He has very strong basic tools and a low for every situation. If you need a hard hitting low, a high crush low, a poke low, pressure low etc. Lars has them all. He’s one of the very few characters with a mid launcher that low crushes and is also safe on block making his opponent be wary about using lows vs Lars. He also has one of the highest wall damage output to slap on the damage on your opponent after a wall carry combo or direct wallsplats. Similar to Jin, Lars is also a very versatile character that can be played in any way the player wishes to. His clearcut weakness would be that he is quite weak to SSR so homing moves are encouraged with Lars.


  • Great set of lows for various usage.
  • One of the highest wall and walless damage output.
  • Strong punishment.


  • Weak to SSR.
  • Lack of strong CH tools.

Recommended for players who like:

  • A well rounded playstyle.
  • A fundamental based character.

Written by Fergus!

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