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Boneworks - Save Editing and Save Game

Written by Jewish Man   /   Dec 14, 2019    

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My current save game and how to edit save games.

How to Edit Your Save File

To do this you will need:

Save File Location

C:\Users\*Username Here*\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONEWORKS

There will be a bunch of basically duplicate files with a number at the end, this is for different save files / players, use the files with 00, 1 or 01 at the end if you only have one save file).

Input any of these into the link shown above and you can edit the values stored in the file.

The site only allows two save files every four minutes so be careful, you can use a new vpn connection every time to circumvent this.

bw1_pInfo_00 -> Basic Settings (most of which you cannot change in game)

additional_resources1 -> Amount of ammo you have each level allowing you to have virtually infinite ammo every level and buy anything from any of the vending machines (in the time tower level you can now buy all of the dev tools from the vending machine).

Any other save file will not have much use, these will probably be the only two saves that you will edit.

Back up old saves.

Download the new saves then replace the old ones and then you are done.

Save File

Your save file location will be:

C:\Users\*Username Here*\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONEWORKS

I do not know the effects of using this, I have not tested this, backup your save data.

Not everything is unlocked but the game is completed and I have random things put into the sandbox and every dev tool (you can use the utility gun in any map now by holding the quick menu button).

Written by Jewish Man.

Game:   Boneworks