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Onset - Max Heroin Recipe

Written by Tom   /   Dec 15, 2019    

Learn how to make the most of your inventory space for the greatest amount of heroin production.

Only Player Inventory (3x5)

You will be able to prepare heroin 10 times with the 3x5 (15 slot) size of your player inventory.

First, you will need opium poppies. Poppies stack at 12, so you will need 5 stacks, making 60 total.

Next you will need acetone, which stacks at 2. You will need to collect 5 stacks, making 10 total.

Finally, the calcium stacks at 3, and you will need 3 stacks, plus 1, totaling 10.

This will take up 14/15 slots of your inventory.

Game:   Onset
Written by Tom.