Skyborn – Complete Walkthrough (All Achievements)

This is a complete guide to the game finished on hard mode. I provided the guide about two years ago on gamefaqs and just never got around to putting it here.

Brief Guide Help

Generally, this guide will assume you are playing on hard mode. If you play the game in a way where you do everything, it isn’t particularly difficult. Just don’t’ skip anything and you will be golden.

I will ask you to switch to other difficulty modes for achievements. But for most of the game, if you want boss trophies and other achievements, play on hard mode. I will also refer to other sections within the walkthrough.

For the beginning of the game I will help with gear until a certain point. But I will mostly leave what you do with your gear up to you. Just remember to save yourself some money by using extra materials for armor, and to save the best augments for your final set of armor.

In this game you cannot grind; there is a set of monsters and exploration points which limit the amount of experience that can be gained. So win every fight with every character alive. Thus make a point that you must save money if you want to do the “last leg” on hard mode. Make sure you do everything before that last part of the game.

Lastly, there is content in this game that can be missed, namely the section of the game when Alda tells her story. There are some good items to be had here, and an achievement. You get one chance at it. So save beforehand. I wish the best of luck to you on this journey.


Talk to people throughout the game, as some of them give items or useful information. Also, save often… After the opening scene, move west for another scene. Afterwards, open the chest, equip the weapons and go through the south door. Talk to the man nearby, stand on the white glowing area (called an Exploration Node), and move on to the south.

For now, most of the area is blocked off, so go through the door to the south, buy the item and go outside. The fight here ends when you reach a certain hp.

After the fight, go back to the workshop. If you have not done so yet, switch to hard mode for better experience. Talk to the cute robot and go east for a scene and a battle. Make sure to win with both characters alive or you will miss out on experience. There is an auto save just before the fight so you can reload there if necessary.

Attack with Claret and guard with Sullivan on the first turn. As long as Sullivan has higher threat, guard with him. Make sure Sullivan has a higher threat than Claret or you are asking for her to die (especially in hard mode). Try to get Sullivan to do the finishing blows as this generates more threat, and he doesn’t do enough damage to keep his threat above Claret’s.


Go west to the main area of town. An elderly gentleman will stop you. Do what he says and go inside the Inn, talk to the “tutors”, open the chests for 20G, a Red Delicious, and an Elixir. Get the exploration node and talk to the guy on the far right of the Inn. He will tell you about a Spades Deck. This is important information for an optional dungeon later in the game. You can buy food from the bartender if you wish.

Exit the Inn and go north to two vendors outside. Talk to the one on the left and learn about augments. He sells those and accessories. The girl sells battle items. Go north for a weapon ad armor shop. I do not suggest buying most weapons in this game since you can forge them, and better quality ones at that.

Go outside and head southwest and you will see another scene. You can’t do much else right now, so just go to the far left and in through the door with a sign of a bird and talk to the man. Go back to the docks and you will be transported elsewhere…

Granminster Prison

Somehow the robot is in the cell with you. After the scene, talk to the prisoners if you want; then talk to Corwin a couple times to advance the story.

In the next room, go right and open the wooden chests and the red one for two Medical Herbs, a Miracle Herb, a Brach of Life, and a Ruby (an augment). Don’t use it yet. Go north for a battle and a scene. Fight every monster you see in this dungeon.

Moving on ahead, there is a forge. Get the iron ore, and then go interact with the forge. Don’t craft anything right now (press escape). Go south and open the chests for two Medical Herbs. Continue south to a yellow button and an Exploration Node. Continue along this path to reach a big chest with Sapphire Bracers. Equip them on Corwin. Return to the main path.

Go east to a double door where the path splits (a red door blocks the way north). The chests nearby contain two Crystal Waters. Go through the door and north for the Red button. To the west are three iron ores and an emerald.

If you want, return to the forge and create a highest quality tier 1 1-handed gun for Claret. It is up to you whether you save your materials for later. Attach the Ruby to it and move back to the red door that blocked the path earlier. To the north is a healing area. Use it as you see fit.

Ignore the ladder to the north for now and head down the stairs to the west. Go up the ladder to the east, hit the blue switch and go back down the ladder. Go south from here and up the ladder. Hit the green switch and open the chest for a +1 Metal Ingot (save this for later).

Head east through the blue door and get the Exploration Node. Open the chests for a Rain of Rejuvenation, 20G, Ether, and a Diamond Ring. Equip it on Claret as she will likely have the most threat. Go up the north ladder and east to the next area.

Open the chests for Crystal Water, Ginger Ale and Red Delicious. Head south through the green door, and hit the lever. To the left you will find two iron ores, the Five of Spades, and Arcane Dust. Now go north and west to find Ether, Crystal Water and Elixir. Head east. Heal up and prepare for the game’s first boss.


Again, I am assuming you are playing in hard mode, so don’t underestimate this first boss, easy as it is. On the first few turns use Expose Weakness and Debilitate/Regenerate. Then use Napalm until he is burned. You should be okay as long as you heal up when necessary.

After the battle, move on. There will be a scene. Talk to Red and agree to join. Follow him through town and listen to his instructions. After going through the weapon/armor shop go east for an Exploration Node (I believe this can be missed). Continue to follow him to the ship.

Port District

Once outside there will be a short dialogue about the smog. Go west slightly and all the way south. Talk to the vendors about supplies. In the Inn you can rest and buy food at the bar if you want. Head east and you will be attacked by some thugs.

After the fight go south for a chest which contains the Eight of Spades. After that go east and south to the weapon shop. Buy a Stiletto and Chi Blast II. As you buy (or don’t buy), be sure to watch each character’s Build so as not to overload them. Go north and talk to the guy near the bridge. Do not pay him and he will attack you (but seriously, don’t pay him).

Head northwest and go inside a building near two people and a fire to get an Exploration Node. Then head all the way east and south for another exploration node. Go north to the left of the ladder and a short dialogue takes place. To the north is an Exploration Node. Inside the double doors nearby is the Venom Depths in the lower left corner. This will unlock later. Anyway, continue for yet another Exploration Node. Move on to the next section.

Explore as much as you want and watch the scenes. There isn’t much to do here. Just follow along with the story until it is time to leave. Go back to town and east. Go up the ladder and into the mines.

Coal Mines

In the mines, there is a heal spot to the right, and a forge to the left. This forge is going to be your best friend for a little while.

Now, what I am going to ask next is for you to skip fighting monsters ad Exploration Nodes until you get your next character. After you get her, you can return and fight everything. Now let’s go get Chaska. For the purposes of writing this walkthrough, I did not pick up anything along the way. Go north to the next area. Then go further north and east and follow the figure until you get to some water. Follow the figure until you reach her. She will then join you. Return to the beginning of the mine just after the first room and I will direct you through the rest of the dungeon.

From the entrance of the mine, go north until you see an Exploration node. To the west is a coal and two chests containing a Medical Herb and Miracle Herb. I suggest fighting all the monsters in the circle made by the tracks, then entering the hole near the coal.

Immediately to your left will be iron ore, and two chests to the right with Roast Beef of Vitality and 320G. Go north a bit and you will see two chests on the ledge to the right. Don’t worry about those right now, as they cannot be accessed at the moment. To the west will be some coal and to the south of that, an Exploration Node.

Through the door nearby, there will be an Exploration Node to the lower left. Continue on and you will see a Sapphire in the wall. To the east are three chests with Medical Herb, Branch of Life and Ether. To the east before the water you can find three coals and iron ore. To the south of the bridges you can find three iron ore and a Circuit Breaker. Do not discount Intelligence on Claret, as her abilities are partially dictated by this stat.

After opening the big chest, go north to three wooden chests with Branch of Life, Medical Herb, and Ether. Move on to where you met Chaska, and there will be two coals. At the end of this section is a gold nugget. (Now, if you want, you can go back and make tier two weapons/armor. Make sure when forging weapons you go with only the highest quality.)

In the next area, there will be a coal just before a cart. Use the cart to get to the other side, and the next one on the way. Go north to get a Stylish Hat. Off the tracks, go south and get the Exploration Node and hit the switch. Use the cart. Go south for an Exploration Node and west to get iron ore and coal. Head to the west and get the Six of Spades. Move on to the next section.

Warning: the next boss is right after the healing spot in this area of the dungeon, and you better be prepared or you won’t be able to kill it. There is little warning to her attack, so be careful not to trigger it before you are geared up for the fight. Don’t be afraid to backtrack to get prepared; it isn’t so far of a walk anyway.

The next area has a one way path for a while. Along the way, before the split, you can find an Elixir. At the split you will see a big chest with Espada. Go north for an Exploration Node and then south from the split. At the second split in the bridge, go east for platina ore and another Exploration Node. Go south from here. To the east are some chests with Carrot of Might and +3 Metal Ingot. To the left of that is the healing spot. I would suggest going back and buying augments and fully preparing for the next boss. Go with mostly strength for Chaska, Intelligence for Corwin and Agility for Sullivan. I would say Claret can go either Strength or a hybrid of Strength/Intelligence. Watch the Build stat on your characters when preparing.


Cast Magic Barrier with Corwin and proceed to eliminate the drones. Weaken Lamia with Expose Weakness and Marked Target. Use Debilitate, Regenerate, Napalm, Command Aura, etc. Make sure to remove Blood Tap from everyone using Cleanse and Miracle Herbs. Then kill her as fast as possible. Try to keep Sullivan with the highest threat. It may be wise to get a silence augment from the vendor in town, but it is not necessary.

Ahead are two coal and iron ore. In the next room you will find coal and platina ore. Before exiting you will find a Mushroom of Magic. Leave the mines for a scene.

New Ark

To the far south are a forge and an Inn. To the north and east of those is a living space with an Exploration Node. To the north there are two doorways which lead to the same area. Behind the accessory vendor is a chest with the Four of Spades. To the east is a man who will give you the Apple of Unlocked Potential.

Use the apple immediately. Choose whatever you want for these classes. You can get explanations for each. Note that later in the game you can get the skills from the class you did not choose this time around. Pass the guy with the apple to the next area.

Mount Elysian

Go across the bridge to the next area. Examine the door so you know what you are doing here. Each of the four corners is surprisingly unique, and you can go in order you wish. Below I separated out a section for each one.

I went northwest first since it is relatively straightforward. In fact, it is a one way trip until you reach the red button. On the way, make sure to pick up the Sapphire Cluster and Ruby Cluster. On the way back get the 1200G, which was blocked by the red switches earlier.

Now go northeast. Hit the red ball and move on. At the fork go south, hit the red ball and grab the Exploration Node. Go north. Hit the ball here and the next one near the switch. On the way back will be a nice shortcut for you to take. But before that, so south and get the Exploration Node there. Return to the center.

This time, go southwest. At the first of the split paths go east for an Exploration Node, then return to go the other direction. At the second one, go west for another Exploration Node. Continue on to the blue switch and take the teleport ahead. You should now be in the center.

Lastly, we go southeast. Go all the way south and get the Exploration Node nearby. A little bit to the east of the node is a chest which contains a Puffin Feather. I suggest saving this for your final armor set. What you do with it is up to you, though. Along the northern wall you will also find (from left to right) Sapphire Cluster, Emerald Cluster, Sapphire Cluster. In the southeast corner you will find the green switch and a teleport. This one sends you near some gold nuggets. Grab them and return to the center.

Go through the door in the center. This room is one way. Just kill the monsters and move on to the next area. Cross the bridge and go on the upper path. Go the entire way east for an Exploration Node. Drop down to the lower path and move further east.

Note to keep Sullivan at a fair amount of health here as there are some fast enemies along the way. At the end of the path, go south for an Exploration Node. Afterwards, go north to the next area.

In the cave you will find iron ore, coal, and Sapphire Cluster. Crossing the bridge will take you to an Exploration Node. Move along to the other side. Go north for a Ruby Cluster and Exploration Node. Going south will take you to the desert.

Caladori Desert

Remember to keep Sullivan at half health before a battle. Move to the next area for a scene. We will basically be doing what Claret says (for the most part. To the east are a healing spot, and some chests with Medical Herb, Potion, Crystal Water and Branch of Life. Go north to see an air dock; remember this for later. Return to the area with the healing spot and go east.

Immediately you should see a gold ore on a rock. To the east slightly is an Exploration Node. Here you can go east which takes you to a locked door. Again, remember this for later, as this is how you are going to access the chests in the mines you couldn’t earlier, among some other items. Go back to the previous screen, then north to the next area (follow the direction of the sands).

To the north is a chest with Onion of Dexterity. Hug the south line of the sand until you reach an Exploration Node. Take the path to the northeast to get to the next area (not the one to the north).

On this screen you will see a gold ore to the upper right. To the east of that are two platina ores. You will also see a lady to the southwest. Talk to her and she will give you Roast Beef of Vitality. Now move south to the next area.

To the south are a healing spot and a chest with a Mushroom of Magic. If you enter the next door, there will be a boss battle. After the warning below I will provide a strategy for it.

Warning: If you want to go back and prepare better gear, now is a good time to do it. You won’t have another chance to do so after you fight the next boss, and there will be two bosses before that chance comes. Don’t spend too much of your coin though. Note that you really shouldn’t need much of a change from that of your fight with Lamia.

Sand Dozer

He will attack first. Silence him as soon as possible with Chaska for an easier fight. Depending on the class you chose for Claret, use either Called Shot into Sniper Shot or Firewall into your other abilities. With Corwin use Regeneration into Debilitate. Sullivan should use Command Aura.

New Ark Assault

After the fight, talk to everyone, and then the robot. Leave the laboratory and start making your way back to town. You will be stopped on the way. Go to the air docks and talk to everyone. Then interact with the controls and you will be transported directly to New Ark.

Fight all the Skyborn Soldiers you see. Exit south and south again into the town. Move to the west and before going up, go back in the ship and heal. This fight will be against a Skyborn General and two of the soldiers you were just fighting.


Note that killing both soldiers is bad since Shynn starts to go crazy. So kill just one. Try to blind Shynn if you can do so. Keep Sullivan with the threat and guard with him if he has it. Otherwise use Taunt, Command Aura, etc. Have Corwin use Magic Barrier immediately, and then have him use Regenerate. Then have him use Debilitate on Shynn. Otherwise, keep your characters healthy and you should be good to go.


After the fight, there will be a scene. You will then be at the dock where you started the game. Go west for another scene. Now, from here we can go and do a few different things. The first of these things will be to get our last character; Alda.

Move south to the Industrial District. Go south for an accessory, item and augment shop. Go further south for an Inn and an Exploration Node. Go northeast to find a man named Atlas with an exclamation point above his head. Talk to him to get an optional quest. Although this quest is optional, it will be a part of this walkthrough since it is a collecting quest.

To the north of him is the weapon and armor shop, and to his east is the Celestial Elevator. Before that, though, go southeast and talk to the lady for a Potion. Then go south, cross the tiny bridge and north for an Exploration Node. In the northeast corner of the district there is a chest with the Jack of Spades.

Go use the Celestial Elevator and go west. Use the door here and go all the way south for some dialogue with some soldiers. Use the portal. I will explain this area in the next part of the walkthrough. We are her just to get Alda. So go all the way southeast and into the forest. After the dialogue, take the right path and go north to the next screen. Walk for two fights and a scene. Alda will join you. During the fights blind your foes. Alda has an area of effect blind called Lightning. Now return to town.

In the Praetor’s Hall to the north is the Colosseum. More information on that is in the Side Quests section. Now go to the middle of Uptown and talk to the girl, Laryn, for another side quest. This and the next side quest will be in Side Quests. Go north into the forge and talk to the man, Captain Glasby, for another side quest.

Before moving on, I suggest doing some of the mentioned side quests and some arena. Nordenwald Forest is the largest sequence of dungeons in the game, and it can be tough if you aren’t well prepared. When you are ready to move on with the story, move on to the next section.

Nordenwald Island

Go the beginning of Nordenwald Island just after the portal with the two soldiers and go outside. Hug the west beach walking southward until you come to a cluster of trees. Just south of it is an Exploration Node. Cross the tiny bridge a little to the east and go south until you reach another Exploration Node. West of here is a chest with the Ten of Spades.

Go back to the tiny bridge and then north. You will see your first Nordenwald Goldpetal here. To your right is an Exploration Node. Go northeast and you will find the second Nordenwald Goldpetal. South of this is yet another exploration Node. Go to the southeast and enter Nordenwald Forest.

Nordenwald Grove

I suggest making landmarks so you don’t get lost in this place. The west path has nothing. Go right and left at the first split for an Exploration Node. North of it you will notice two ladders. Go up the right one and down the left for the third Nordenwald Goldpetal. Go north to the area where you met Alda and north again to the next area.

I will from here on in refer to this screen as the center of the grove. Go around the central pool to the west and then north where you will find the fourth Nordenwald Goldpetal. Go up to the north screen. Immediately you will see the fifth Nordenwald Goldpetal. To the left is an Exploration Node. Return to the center of the grove and go west this time.

Walk along until you see a tiny bridge. Just before you cross it pick up the sixth Nordenwald Goldpetal. Walk south of the next bridge will lead you to an Exploration Node and a chest with a Puffin Feather. Now walk inside the double doors just to the north of the chest.

The chest contains a Sapphire Cluster. Ignore the left path for now, and take the right. To the north are two chests with Drakonid Tear and Elixir. Hit the yellow button to the east and move further east where a chest lies with +3 Metal Ingot inside. Go east, hit the green button and return to the chest you just opened.

Go north. Get the two Platina Ore and hit the switch above them. You can now access the chest below for an Elixir. Go east of the chest for a Platina Ore and another chest with the Queen of Spades. To the far west of the switch is a path which leads out of the cave.

Pick up the seventh Nordenwald Goldpetal. Go up the ladder and back into the cave. Take note of the blue button blocking your way here. We will return to it later. Go north for an Exploration Node, Platina Ore and a chest with another Elixir. Now go east and along the way get an Emerald Cluster along the way. You will notice we are to the east of the switch.

Forego the exit here and go east and north instead, where you will see a Ruby Cluster and Platina Ore. Further north is an Exploration Node. The west path leads to a monster and an exit. The east path leads to the blue button. After hitting the blue button go through the nearby exit and you will see the eighth Nordenwald Goldpetal. Go south to the bridges to the southwest and go south a bit to find an Exploration Node.

Exit to the south screen. Immediately go east. The chests here contain the Two of Spades, and two Rainbow Prisms. South of these is the ninth Nordenwald Goldpetal. Now go west and down the large ladder and further south to find the tenth Nordenwald Goldpetal. To the west of this screen is the center of the grove. There is no need to go that direction, however. So instead climb the ladder and to the west you will see an Exploration Node. Go south and enter the cave.

From here, go back to the blue button that was blocking your path earlier. If you don’t remember how to do this, go west and at the chest go north and west again. Exit the cave, climb the ladder and reenter the cave. To your left is the blue button.

From the blue button, take the west path. Pick up the Platina Ore on the way and take the path to the right. Exit the cave and enter again. Hit the switch here, grab the Sapphire Cluster, and go outside. The chests here contain 120G and Rain of Rejuvenation. Go back in the cave and go all the way west. Take this left path southwards. Take the gold nugget and Exploration Node. There is no need to go down the ladder, so instead return to the blue button. This time go north an exit the cave.

Warning: There is an achievement ahead which can be missed. Do not go north of this screen without saving, and leave that save spot open. Make another save spot if you need to and don’t save over it.

After the dialogue, pick up an eleventh Nordenwald Goldpetal to the right. Hug the trees to the left and go south until you reach a chest. It contains Rain of Rejuvenation. You should see an Exploration Node just a little to the north. Go to the bridge north of the node, and then east. Under a bridge nearby is a twelfth Nordenwald Goldpetal. Cross the bridge and go northeast for a thirteenth Nordenwald Goldpetal and a chest with a Nullifer. To the south is a fourteenth Nordenwald Goldpetal.

Switch the difficulty level of your game to easy and go through the north screen. Watch the scene, and get ready for your final exam.

The Final Exam

After the scene, you gain control of a younger Alda. Go north to the next screen. Go north and talk to the instructor. Try to exit through the door on the left and you will be stopped. After this scene, the exam will begin.

This area takes too long on any other mode than easy, and you need to do it quickly. In fact, you need to end up with more time than you started. The healing areas may only be used once, so take note of this. The other little spots are time increasers. These are your best friends. Remember, this has to be done quickly and that is your only goal. There are a few ways to successfully do this. The following is only one method of success.

Get the time node and go east. To the north is another time node. Hit the switch. Go south. Take the left path south, get the time node and hit the switch. Go south then west to the switch and hit it. Go east, fight the soldiers and hit the red button. Go all the way to the left for a time node and to the northeast for another. Hit the switch and this time make your way back to where you started.

Go north and then west for a time node. Go east and then hit the switch. Go south on the right side to the time node and north on the left side to the white area. Go west and hit the switch. Hit the yellow button and go back east to a yellow button. Go right here to a soldier and a blue button which needs to be hit.

To the right are two time nodes and the left there is another. Return to where the yellow button was and go past it. Hit the switch and move all the way left for a time node. Go south and hit the switch then north on the right side to a green button with soldiers. Hit it.

Move south for a time node. Hit the switch to the west of the node and go east. There are two more time nodes south of here. Go north fight the soldiers, and north again to fight the next boss. On easy, I have no real tips for this boss. Just finish it quickly and move on.

Go inside Alda’s house and open the chest. If you were fast enough, you will get 10000G and a Spark of Creation. Save it for later. If you were not fast enough, go back and try again, or you will miss the achievement. There is also a forge here. Now exit her house and leave this area to the east.

Nordenwald Subterrenean Outside

Warning: Make sure your difficulty has been changed back to hard. Don’t forget or you will miss out on experience, which definitely helps for the later stages of the game.

Go around the spiral ahead. On the west side go left to find an Exploration Node. Finish going around the spiral and to the next area.

Go east to an Exploration Node. Back at the entrance go all the way north to another Exploration Node. Then go west until you come across a ladder. Climb it and follow the path around to a red button. Hit it and make your way east until you reach a bridge.

To the north you will see an Exploration Node and another one on a little island to east of it. North of the second node is a Platina Ore in the vines. Pass through the door above. Go east for a gold nugget. Then move on to the west. Continue west at the split for an Exploration node, then continue to the east. At the end of the past here you can go south for yet another Exploration Node. Now go north to get a gold nugget.

The bridge ahead has an Exploration Node and there is a Platina Ore to the west. Below it is an Exploration Node. To the west is a yellow door. Remember it. Go south from it for the umpteenth Exploration Node. Follow the path to the west and grab the Exploration Node on the way (it is only a little bit to the northwest of the yellow door). To the west of that you will find Platina Ore and a blue button.

To the west across a bridge is the yellow button. Go back to the yellow door and open the chest behind it to get the Ace of Spades. Return to the yellow button. From here go southeast and go into the next section of the forest.

Nordenwald Subterrenean Inside

This place is a right mess. If you go in on direction for long enough you will come back to where to you started. So make landmarks in your head so as not to get lost. I really mean that. I will try my best to guide you through this place though. I tend to think that it is a good idea to go left to right all the way on each layer of the area to see if you have gotten everything. I have written these directions in spirit of this idea.

Anyway, to the left of the entrance is an Exploration Node. Continue to the left until you reach a tree. From the tree so west to an Exploration Node that is just before a bridge. Then go back to the tree and go south until you reach the second row.

On the second row, go east until reach a dead end. Then go south to the third row.

On the third row go west until you reach a dead end and to the north will be an Exploration Node. Go all the way east to a dead end and then south to the fourth row.

On the fourth row you should see a door here. This is the exit, so make a note of it in your head. Go west and cross the bridge. An Exploration Node will be nearby. Continue west until you reach the exit again, adjust before reaching the door, go south to the fifth row.

On the fifth row, I would use this tree as the landmark for the fifth row. Go south again to the sixth row.

On the sixth row, to the right of the tree is a green button. Press it, and continue east. The will be an Exploration Node south after crossing the bridge. Go through the door to the north to get another Exploration Node. Continue east until you reach a dead end, and you will find an Exploration Node to the north. If you go west and then south from here you will reach the first row. So instead go west and then north the first chance you get.

On the fifth row once more, go east. You will find an open door here (a green one); go through it. You will find an Exploration Node, and in the corner will be a chest containing the Three of Spades. Go back to the fifth row and go east. Just before you reach the tree, you can go south for a dead end with an Exploration Node. From the tree, go north to the fourth row.

On the fourth row, go through the door to your left. Hug the ledge to the left to reach a healing spot. When you are ready to fight your next boss, talk to the big guy to the right. Go back and gear up if you are having trouble with him. But if you did the side quests before coming here you should be fine.


Make sure to use the usual resistance buffs Magic Barrier and Firewall (if you chose that class for Claret). Have Corwin use Regenerate. Use Called shot into Snipe with Claret if you chose that class. Cleanse anyone who gets paralyzed. Fafnir is susceptible to most status ailments so make sure you utilize the ones you have available to you. Don’t forget to weaken him with physical, tech and magic debuffs as well. Sullivan should taunt to keep threat and guard otherwise. If you get the chance, use Command Aura too. Take note that Fafnir also knows Immolate, which can burn your entire party.

Go through the door behind Fafnir and up the ladder you see in front of you. Talk to the odd statue for a scene and exit to the right after you interact with the crystal. Jump down from the bridge.

After the scene, go back to the airship. Use the controls to go to the Industrial District for another scene. Go to the workshop in the ship. When done, leave the ship and go left for another scene. Talk to the old man to get the Apple of New Limits. Use it.

At this point you can finish off any side quests you didn’t before, as well as the arena. Finishing the arena gives you one of the Spades cards and any class skills you missed out on before. The Caladori Caverns and Venom Depths are also now available.

Blackstone Industries

Go to Blackstone Industries and go and mess with the security system. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Now go north and into the beginning of the dungeon. Note that robots are immune to poison.

Go northeast for an Exploration Node and come back to climb the ladder. Follow the path to the ladder down. Get the Exploration Node and hit the switch. Return to the entrance. Go past the spike the spikes that were blocking your way before and all the way north to a ladder.

In the middle of this area is an Exploration Node. On the path to the west is another one. Take the eastern path after you get the nodes and go north to a ladder. Go in the door to the south. Inside you will find an Exploration Node and the Nine of Spades.

If you have been following along with my walkthrough, you should have all but one of the Spades cards. The last one is the King of Spades which can be obtained by beating the arena. After you do this you can go into the Venom Depths and challenge the Gauntlet.

Continuing on, leave this room and go north to the ladder. Follow the path southeast to another ladder that leads down. Hit the switch to the west, and go north to the next area through the double doors.

Ignore the first switch. I never found a use for it. Go northeast and hit that switch. Go north and hit the switch on the way. Continue east until you reach a ladder that goes down.

To the west are some chests with two Potions and two Miracle Herbs. The other one can be accessed later. Hit the switch and go up the ladder.

To the left is a chest with 60G. Pass the switch above that chest and go west to find an Exploration Node and a chest with a Mushroom of Magic. Go east and hit the switch. To the north is a chest with Elixir, and an Exploration Node to the west of it. Hit the switch under the node and go down the ladder nearby.

Go south to hit the lever and open the chest with a Branch of Life. Ignore the nearby ladders and go east to a switch. Hit it. Go around and get the Exploration Node. Hit the switch again from the top side this time and go north to two ladders. They both lead to a large chest with 8500G. Go back down and hit the switch once from the top and again from the bottom. Go up the ladder that is to the southwest on this screen.

Go east to a switch. Hit it and go through the door to the east. There is a chest here with 820G. Go back outside and north this time. Hit the switch here and open the chests for Rain of Rejuvenation and Branch of Life. Leave through the exit to the east, and again through the double doors there.

After the cute little scene, go north and follow the path until you reach a healing spot. Use it and prepare for your next boss battle.


Alda and Corwin are out of this fight. This is the order in which you should kill the Titan to make your life easy; Arm, Claw, Body. If you chose Technomancer with Claret, use EMP. Otherwise; go with Expose Weakness, Called Shot, and Sniper Shot. If you have it, you can also use Firewall before any on the rest. Status ailments will help greatly in this battle if you can provide them with Chaska. Keep Sullivan on the defensive and use the appropriate class abilities when you can. Make sure he always has the highest threat and guard often.

After the fight go through the door and north to a chest and open it. Some dialogue will take place as you try to leave. Go ahead and leave the building and proceed to Uptown. Talk to the Skyborn Legate guarding the entrance to…

5th Legion Fortress

Go north to a long ladder that leads to an Exploration Node. Return south and go west this time. Move north above the marching Skyborn and through a double door. A scene and a fight will come next. Just get Dhacian to low enough health and the fight will end.

Move on and you will be in the Colosseum. Talk to the guy to the northeast to open the way to the Arena battles. Then talk to the guy near the portal to your left. Go through the portal to New Stormrook.

New Stormrook

Exit the building to the south. Other than the weapon/armor shop to the north, there is little of importance here. But everything you can buy there can be bought in the Colosseum. Talk to the people around if you wish. When you are done, go to the southeast and talk to the series of soldiers. Afterwards, a scene will occur.

Warning: This is the last section of the game and there is no going back. If you have other things to do, go and do them. You can have your ship fly to wherever else so you can go do whatever you haven’t done yet. Note that you won’t be able to beat the game on hard without proper preparation. Take note when preparing the best stat to invest in is usually Speed. Also know that Alda’s best piece of armor is ahead, and it has a weight of 5; if you want her to be able to use it, watch your build stat on her. That is why we have saved the Puffin Feathers. When you are ready, have the ship fly back to the Celestial Palace and exit the ship to the south.

Note that I personally used the first Spark of Creation I found on Claret’s Gold-Lined Specs, and the other on Sullivan’s Mousquetaire. What you do with them is up to you however, as it is viable on any character, and for any type of equipment you would use it on. Just make sure not to use it on Alda’s current armor because she will be getting her best armor ahead. You should save a Puffin Feather for that piece of armor, and make sure it isn’t going to overload her if she puts it on (once again, it has weight 5).

Celestial Palace

You decided to enter the last leg of the game. This is it. I hope you spent the rest of your money on items and the vendor on the east side of the Colosseum. I also hope you are ready and have a save spot ready for if you seem not to be prepared well enough to be able to beat the game on hard. Good luck to you I say! Let us begin.

You will be playing as Alda. There is nothing to do in Stormrook unless you want to talk to some of the Skyborn here, so go west and then all the way north. Talk to the legate here and there will be some dialogue. Talk to Corwin three times and you will be joined by more of your party. Before moving on, note that you will get the Ether Cannon ability with the Prometheus Engine. It is a nice silence tool. Repair can also be used to heal Claret.

After the scene, go east. Go north up the stairs, and northwest through a double door. Outside, go north and through another set of double doors. To the east of the gallery are two chests with a couple Rains of Rejuvenation. Go north through this set of doors.

Follow the path east and north until you see a chest to your left. Open it for a third Rain of Rejuvenation. Move all the way east to what seems to be a show room. Go through the portal to the north. Open the chest for a Platinum Claw. Note that the Obsidian Claw is better, so go and equip it again if you have it, as this will replace whatever you have on Chaska. Go down the ladder here and through the double doors ahead for a second time.

At the split in the path, go north this time and west through a portal. This chest contains Lightfury. Note that this weapon is slightly lighter than her others. If you choose to use it, it is a bit more of a defensive weapon; just make sure to augment it. Now, climb down the ladder and go through the doors a third time.

Return to where the second portal was and go north this time. Follow the path and along the way you will have to fight a guard blocking your path. Go through the portal to the north. Follow the path until you find a healing spot. Go north for a scene and a couple battles.


If you have done everything within the walkthrough, this will not be hard. Be aware that Coup de Grace can be dangerous if you fail to blind her.

If you haven’t then you should have. This fight is like many other bosses and Shynn is susceptible to many status ailments. Use Humiliator with Chaska and single target with Alda and Claret.

Celestial Nexus

There is a healing area to your south. Reequip Claret with whatever body armor she had on before, as you will lose the Prometheus Engine. After talking to each person in your party, go north to the beginning of the final dungeon of the game.

Go south and hit the red ball to open a path to a chest. It has an Ominous Skull. Go talk to the man to the west and south from there. Hit the red ball along the way. Go up the stairs to the north.

Go around the path and hit the ball at the end of the path. The path to the west has opened up, so go to it and south along the path to yet another red ball. Hit it and go east. Near the stone gargoyle, go on the south bridge first to hit a ball there and then return to go on the north bridge. Talk to the woman here. Hit the ball south of her. Follow the path that just opened up to the east. It will take you counter clockwise to another red ball. Go south and up the stairs.

Hit the ball. Take the southern path to a set of stairs to climb. Follow this path all the way until you reach a red ball. Remember this spot because we will be returning to it. You can use that pile of gold as a marker if you wish.

Take the path north until you reach some stairs; ignore them and instead go north to the gargoyle statue. Go west and south on a newly opened path. Across a bridge to the west hit the red ball. Go and open the chest here. St. Teresa’s Battle Armor is Alda’s best chest armor.

Now return to the spot I told you to remember earlier and go west this time. Go up the stairs. From here go north and up some more stairs. You will notice a healing spot and Saehral nearby. Talk to her and choose to fight.


Fast. She also isn’t susceptible to many status ailments. Despite this, it does not make Humiliator useless. Equalizer and Humiliator can both be used to remove buffs from her. So I had Corwin go from Paragon into Renew to get rid of the Blood Tap. Then I had him use Magic Barrier and Regenerate. I had Chaska use Expose Weakness into Adrenaline Rush into Humiliator. She would then use it when needed to nullify Saehral’s buffs. Alda used Majesty into Mystic Sabre (if Majesty worked). Claret should go with Expose Weakness into Firewall (or vice versa). Afterwards prepare her and Alda for single target devastation. Sullivan needs to get up to use Inspiration as fast as he can. I also had him use Command Aura and Equalizer when need be. She is also susceptible to Battlefield Presence and Blood Tap. Just be sure to keep everyone healthy and it should be done with in time.

Now that that is over, go to the path that is to the southeast. Follow the path until you reach stairs which take you to the next area. Follow this path to a healing spot. Ahead you will find the two final bosses of the game and some scenes. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did. I also hope this guide was helpful. Now then, on to the finale!


Dhacian can be inflicted with some status ailments. Thus, Humiliator is more useful in this battle than the previous one. He has a wide array of abilities so make sure to act accordingly to each one and to keep Sullivan healthy. Go in and do the usual Paragon into Magic Barrier, Regenerate, etc. with Corwin. The rest should buff and debuff Dhacian as you see fit. Then proceed to kill him. Majesty, Blood Tap and Battlefield Presence all work on him.


This guy has an attack that will wipe your party out if you are not careful. If he pulls it off your party will be wiped out and there will be nothing you can do about it, so heed the following now. Have Humiliator and Equalizer on the ready. Both of these can get rid of the Energized buff he gets when he uses “Gather Energy.” If it comes to his turn and he has the “Energized” buff, he will use the attack and your party will die. Now for the battle itself, use Battlefield Presence, Blood Tap and Majesty. Humiliator can also apply some status ailments. Otherwise focus on single target with Alda and Claret, as well as keeping threat on Sullivan. From there, the fight should end in your favor.

Side Quests

The Diminutive Chemist

The flowers can be found in the Nordenwald Island and Nordenwald Forest Part 1 sections of Walkthrough. You can go back and finish the quest once you find ten Nordenwald Goldpetals, but I will provide you with all some additional ones for a little leeway.

The reward is an item, the Experimental Potion, which permanently increases a character’s Build stat by 15. Who you use it on is up to you, but I tend to think it is most effective on Claret. Alda and Sullivan already have high Build. Corwin will be using armor that upgrades his intelligence, which tends to be light. Lastly, Chaska doesn’t have weapons that are as heavy as Claret’s are, and has two more points in build to work with anyway.

Iron Mines

Laryn’s Locket

Since this and the next quest take place in the same area, the next quest will flow right off of this one. I suggest doing both this and the Canary in the Iron Mine quests together. Now, enter the mines through the forge in Uptown, like Laryn said.

Once inside move west (the nearby hole doesn’t lead anywhere). Go south for an Exploration Node. Go west again. You will see a man here. Don’t talk to him just yet. From the man, go south for a gold nugget and Exploration Node. To the left of these is a Platina Ore. To the left of the man are two Platina Ores.

Now talk to the man. After talking to Clayton you can go back and talk to Laryn or continue on to the next quest, which will start from right here. Either way, the reward for finishing the quest is 7500G.

Canary in the Iron Mine

We will be starting this quest from where you find Clayton. Go up the stairs just to the right of Clayton, and north. Immediately you will see some boxes. Go and use the dynamite on them and talk to one of the miners. To the right is an Exploration Node, and near the miners are a gold nugget and two Obsidian Ore.

From here you can go back and finish the quest or continue exploring the mine. I suggest both; the latter of which is all described below. The reward for finishing the quest is 6750G.

While exploring the mines, remember to roam a bit so you can catch every monster available. From the miners go south, east and then north. You will find an Exploration Node and another entrance to the mines to the right. From there go south to find some monsters.

Just a little north of the monsters is the entrance to a blue area. Pass it, go east and enter the second blue area. The blue area is a circle and if you want to fight all the monsters, it is easier done this way.

From the eastern entrance to the blue area, move around the circle in a clockwise manner. You should find (in order of appearance) gold nugget, Platina Ore, gold nugget. You can roam to make sure you got all the monsters and leave through either exit.

Caladori Caverns

The Caladori Caverns are available after you complete Nordenwald Forest. Travel to the Caladori Desert from your air ship. Leave the ship and go south one screen and east two screens to reach them. Go inside. You also have the option of going back to New Ark for an Exploration Node in the east most of the houses. You can do this before or after you enter the caverns.

Anyway, inside the Caverns, you will find three gold nuggets and two Obsidian Ore along the path. Choose to jump down the waterfall. Open the chest for the Seven of Spades. At the end of the path are the two chests we couldn’t get to from the Coal Mines. They contain 2670G and Rain of Rejuvenation. You can jump down the ladder and return to whatever you were doing before.


The arena is a series of fifteen battles from which you may come and go at any time. Below I provide a strategy for each one. Admittedly, some won’t really need one… When you get to a certain level, you will gain the Key to the City, which allows you to but from the merchants on this screen. These are the best sets of equipment in the game. But anyway, talk to the man near the center of the area when you are ready, and good luck.

Battle 1

Reward 100G:

Have Corwin cast Magic Barrier and Regenerate. Note that the Mint Jellies will heal for the full amount of damage they do, so if you are going to try to kill one, be committed to it. Alternatively, you can guard with whoever has the highest threat to reduce this somewhat. The other enemies will cast immolate, so try to silence them if you can.

Battle 2

Reward 1000G:

Focus on killing one and then the other. That’s honestly about it for this one. Just have Corwin cleanse Claret or Alda if they get paralyzed. Otherwise Debilitate.

Battle 3

Reward Roast Beef of Vitality:

Sullivan needs to guard and use Taunt. Always have the aggression on him. Have Claret use Napalm. Corwin should use Regenerate. Don’t be afraid to use items as necessary; Claret is the best choice for this job. The Assault Bots should be silenced and the Hover bots blinded, but don’t rely on this for a strategy, and utilize your class abilities to finish off the job.

Battle 4

Reward Gold Claw:

Blind it as soon as you possibly can with Gouge and Lightning. Once you have done this, go ham. Debilitate can slow and intimidate but doesn’t seem to do damage.

Battle 5

Reward +4 Metal Ingot:

Have Corwin use Magic Barrier, and then use Regenerate. Sullivan should be guarding when possible and taunting otherwise. They can be silenced as well. Have Alda use Immolate to get them burning.

Battle 6

Reward Rainbow Prism:

Depending on when you do this battle, some of your characters can be one shot by Coup de Grace. Just make sure that everyone is alive when you do finally kill these enemies. Kill the one on the left since it is easier to kill, and blind the other one (Asura). Again do not be afraid to use items.

Battle 7

Reward Puffin Feather:

Compared to the one before it, this one is a joke. Guard with Sullivan and blind the Abomination. Debilitate it and use whatever other means to finish it off. Just remember to use Cleanse or a Miracle Herb should anyone get paralyzed. Save the Puffin Feather for your final set of armor.

Battle 8

Reward Key to the City:

Seriously, if you silence this guy, he won’t do anything. Otherwise have Corwin use Magic Barrier. Should you not be able to silence the beast, weaken it with Expose weakness, Marked Target, Mystic Sabre, Debilitate, etc. Keep everyone at healthy if possible or you might have some deaths on your hands.

You are now a part of the silver league and have the Key to the City. This is where you should buy the rest of your equipment when you are able. Just be careful what you buy and to buy the best equipment you can. Don’t buy the weapons necessarily, as you can make the best ones at the forge, or find better ones elsewhere. Alda’s best chest armor is in the final leg of the game.

Also, take note of the merchant to the far right. She sells permanent upgrade items. Before the end of the game, this is where the remainder of your money should go for your characters after you get the best equipment you can. I do believe to make a point that speed seems to be the best stat in the game. Or maybe I’m biased.

Battle 9

Reward Gladiator’s Crown:

The Behemoth (left) needs to be blinded. Again, the Giga Behemoth won’t do anything if silenced. Otherwise, kill one of the two beasts and follow the strategy above to finish the other off. If you are having trouble, use resistances and Regenerate to stay alive, along with having Sullivan guard.

Battle 10

Reward Gladiator’s Grips:

Make sure that all your characters can actually survive the attacks from these two before you attempt this one. Otherwise you will be in for an unnecessarily difficult fight. They are quick, so be wary of that. Use Magic Barrier and Regenerate as per usual. Buff up your party and take out the Fire Spirit first. If you can silence, do so.

Battle 11

Reward Black Belt:

The Earth Spirit is extremely dangerous and needs to be dealt with as fast as possible. If you can silence him do so. But again, sometime you cannot always do this. So use Magic Barrier and Regeneration, and keep Corwin’s mp enough to do what he needs to do to keep your party alive. Claret can also go on support with items. Alda should mostly stay on offense against the Earth Spirit. Once one of them is down, you should be good to go.

Battle 12

Reward Ascot of Unbridled Swagger:

Guard with Sullivan when he isn’t trying to regain threat or buffing the party. Cast Regenerate and Cleanse and use Miracle Herbs when necessary; it is better not to have the tank paralyzed here. As per usual, concentrate on one of them at a time. Also blinding them can make your life easier. Paralysis can also be your friend when using it on the enemy.

Battle 13

Reward Insignes Royaux (Sullivan’s best piece of armor):

If you aren’t careful, these guys may kill Sullivan. Keep him healthy to prevent this. It really doesn’t matter on this battle how you finish it, as the creature are really not the most impressive. Just watch the threat of your other characters, keep it below Sullivan’s and you should be just fine. Blind them if you want.

Battle 14

Reward Master’s Regalia (Corwin’s best piece of armor):

I’ve already gone over what to do with these guys. If you silence them they won’t do anything. Otherwise look at the strategies I have provided for you from before and concentrate on taking one out before the other. At the point where you fight these guys they shouldn’t even really be doing that much damage to you. (Chaska may die, but that should be about it.)

Battle 15

Reward King of Spades and the ability to use all of the skills you missed:

Have Claret use Firewall if she has it and Corwin use both Magic Barrier and Regenerate. Keep everyone healthy and remove status ailments from anyone with them when necessary. Be sure to weaken him with Mystic Sabre, Marked Target and Expose Weakness. You can use status ailments on him as you see fit. The fight shouldn’t be particularly difficult to win.

Venom Depths

You can access the Venom Depths from the Celestial Elevator in the Port District. It is in the southwest corner of the room. In the dungeon, to the north is the Gauntlet, which is described in Spades Cards below. To the west, south and east are three portals to very different area, two of which have bosses. I will have expected you to have finished the arena by this point, but it is not absolutely necessary yet. The strategies I provide for these bosses will include moves from every set of classes, however.

Venom Depths – Mecha: Eastern Portal

Go east and pick up the chest with Grapes of Alacrity on the way down the stairs to the east. Hit the lever to your right. Go on south, east and south again. Here you will see a green button to be pressed. Now go north to the newly opened area and up the stairs.

Hit the red button and move south. To the east the red buttons will be down. Get the Exploration Node and descend the right ladder. On the way south there is a chest with Grapes of Alacrity. To the right of the chest a bit is an Exploration Node. Hit the switch to the south, and go west past the spikes and up the stairs.

Grab the Exploration Node and hit the blue button to the south. Go south again and take the left ladder this time. Go west and get the Exploration Node. Then press the yellow button to the west. From here go east and take the path to the south with the zigzag pipes. Keep going south until you reach a chest with 1305G. Hit the switch to the north and go west to an Exploration Node. Hit the nearby switch. Then go up the stairs to the south.

Interact with the crystal here if it not glowing, and then open the two chests. These chests have an Ominous Skull and Soul Render. Use the portal here and you will be back in the Venom Depths.

Venom Depths – Caldera: Western Portal

Grab the Gold Nugget and continue southwest to an Exploration Node. To the north of the node is an Obsidian Ore. Along the eastern path you will find Obsidian Ore and Gold Nugget. Go down the one way ladder.

Across the bridge, go inside the nearby mini-cave. Inside, you will find an Exploration Node and a chest with Roast Beef of Vitality. Continuing along the path outside you will find a Gold Nugget and Obsidian Ore. At the end of the path, get the Exploration Node and jump down the ladder here.

Get the Obsidian Ore nearby and take the path on the bridge to the north and then east. Along the wall you will find Obsidian Ore. Now return to the one way ladder you just jumped from and start taking the path on the bridge to the south.

On the way you will find another Obsidian Ore and Gold Nugget. Go west to an Exploration Node south of a gaping hole. To the north of that will be an Obsidian Ore. Go east for another Exploration Node and a chest with some Grapes of Alacrity. Go north until you reach a Gold Nugget. To the west, go down the ladder and into the mini-cave, which is near an Exploration Node. In the chests here are 1670G and Blade of Gluttony. Go outside.

From here, jump down the ladder and go north. Follow the path until you see a sprite of a boss guarding a chest and a Gold Nugget to the right. Grab the gold. Prepare to fight.

Six Wings

It is just him and he can be a nuisance if you don’t blind him, so get on that as you can. Sullivan should guard while he isn’t blinded and use his buffing abilities otherwise. Have Claret and Alda use their powerful single target abilities if you are not blinding the boss. Chaska should use Humiliator. As for Corwin, have him use Paragon into Blood Tap, Regenerate, etc.

Hit the crystal if you need to and go get the chest to the east. It will have Gold-Lined Specs, which is Claret’s best headwear. Jump down the ladder to the south and grab the two Obsidian Ores. The portal will return you to the Venom Depths.

Venom Depths – Arcane: Southern Portal

Before trying this area, make sure to do the other two first. Also be aware that the boss here is much harder than the other one. In addition, beware of Earth Elementals here. They are quick and can really hurt your entire party. It is best to be well geared for this area. I also hope you have a sense of direction because this is another area where going in one direction brings you back to the same spot eventually.

Go south to an Obsidian Ore and a chest to the left, which contains Carrot of Might. To the southwest is an Obsidian Ore. Taking any path south from here will take you back to the start, so go west instead, where you will find a Gold Nugget.

From here go north to a chest guarded by a normal enemy. In the chest you will find Sin Credo. I tend to prefer this over the Obsidian Rapier +2 for defensive purposes and the fact that it attacks more than once. Continue north to an out of place lava area with Obsidian Ore. To the west is a chest with Roast Beef of Vitality. Go east to fight the boss of this area.


Corwin uses Paragon, Magic Barrier, Regenerate, and then whatever. Alda and Claret use single target abilities. Chaska should use Adrenaline Rush into Humiliator. Sullivan should just build his energy until he can cast Inspiration and Command Aura. Guard with him when necessary and keep your party healthy. Unfortunately, when I fought her, I was so over leveled that she didn’t even attack me. So if you are having trouble, go level up and gear up and return.

The chest contains a very nice hat for Sullivan, the Mousquetaire. Sullivan seems to be getting a lot of equipment only he can wear. Anyway, hit the crystal if you want then go south to a chest with Mushroom of Magic. Go back north to where you fought Magimistress and through the portal to the Venom Depths.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet in Venom depths is accessible once you have all thirteen Spades cards. These cards can be found throughout the Walkthrough, Side Quests and Arena. It is a series of bosses which grow harder with each battle. I provide a strategy for each below (some better than others). Hit the crystals that are not yet lit and move in.

Caldera Queen

Kill her minions quickly so you don’t have to deal with them. Have your characters use their resistance abilities for the party and weakening abilities on her. Sullivan should cast Inspiration, and Alda Majesty. Have Corwin use Blood Tap, Regenerate, etc. Alternatively, you can just use area of effect attacks to take down all of them at once. I tend to go with the latter strategy until only she is left for this one, but it is up to you. When she is the only one left, just use your best single target abilities to finish her.

Titan MK2

Unfortunately, I was over geared for this fight when I took it on, so I cannot give a proper strategy. If you do what I did then it isn’t a problem. But to be safe though, this guy is honestly just a stronger Titan. Kill the arm, claw and body in that order and this shouldn’t give you trouble. You can go and look at the strategy for Titan and apply it here.


This guy can one shot your characters with Eliminate, so be careful to have revival items or abilities ready. Make sure everyone is alive on the final hit so you don’t miss out on experience. Anyway, Corwin should use Paragon into whatever is needed at the time. This could range from Magic Barrier to Cripple or even just a simple Blood Tap. Have Chaska use Humiliator. Sullivan should keep the threat, as he is the most likely to survive anything thrown at him. If he has the threat, then guard with him. Alda and Claret will be using their single target abilities. If you see fit, weaken the enemy with debuffs; they can really help out.

Astral Warriors

These guys are no joke. I even wrote two paragraphs on them! Make sure you have some good gear before attempting this. Note that the Priestess can revive the party so be careful about this. Be ready to use area of effect abilities as soon as possible if this happens, and they should all go down again. That being said, the Priestess is not necessarily the biggest threat. The Valkyrie has strong area of effect attacks, as does the Mage. The Knight can hurt as well with his attacks if Sullivan doesn’t block or guard. Make sure to have Sullivan and Alda use Battlefield Presence, Inspiration and Majesty.

Every one of your characters should work together to take out the enemy one by one once you are done with debuffing and buffing. Magic Barrier and Firewall can help greatly in this battle. Use Equalizer or Humiliator when the Priestess uses Paragon, and Renew (Corwin) to get rid of Blood Tap. Now, as a side note, as I say with many other battles, silence is useful if you can get it off. That is what Chaska is for.

In the chests are some of the best augments and equipment in the game. They are, from left to right, Obsidian Claw, Problem Solver, Spark of Creation, Iblis Family Crest and Zero Point Blade. All of these are useful in their own way. You can backtrack and exit to the Venom Depths after opening the chests.

Written by Lesan

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