TEKKEN 7 – Kazuya Mishima

Useful T7 Info:

Kazuya Mishima

Difficulty – Advanced

The poster boy of T7, Kazuya is a character that is designed around punishing his opponent for mistakes with huge reward either through whiff or block punishing, and picking moments to go in with his hard hitting mixups. As a Mishima, he shares the same traits as the other Mishimas: Devil Jin and Heihachi. His wavedash grants him the ability to cover the gap between himself and the opponent at his own pace, combined with his EWGF (+5 on block high launcher with good recovery), hellsweep (a hard hitting low with strong okizeme) and strong jab confirms to allow him to vary the timing on his pressure. Unlike the other 2 Mishimas, his poke game is pretty weak. He also has access to a Devil form that he can manually access once he has rage, this changes properties on certain moves like his hellsweep. If he burns his rage drive in a combo, he automatically switches into Devil form. It is encouraged to adopt a defensive playstyle when playing Kazuya due to his aforementioned, weak poke game. He is centered around punishment more than the other Mishimas as it is among the best in the game. For example, he has his ws12, an i13 ws launcher, which allows him to punish low pokes harder than other cast members.


  • Strong space control.
  • Top 3 overall punishment.
  • Great mobility with wavedash.
  • Good damaging mixup with hellsweep + complementary mids.


  • Poor poking game.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Defensive punishment based playstyle.
  • Execution characters.

Written by Fergus!

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