GTA 5 – The Diamond Casino Heist Guide (GTA Online)

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This Guide covers the Missions of the Diamond Casino Heist and our experience with it.

First Board – Scoping Out

Starting Costs

The first time to do the heist, it will be free of charge. Every other time you want to complete the heist, it’ll cost you 25.000$.

Scoping Out the Casino

To unlock all different options, take a photo and send it to Lester. If you take a picture of an A.P (Access Point) or an P.O.I (Point of Interest), the option to send it to Lester will appear.

Access Points

These points are seen in the Casino Model (if bought). The first board will be kept once the heist is completed.



Points of Interest

Casino Scope:

  • Guards
  • Indoor-Cams
  • Outdoor-Cams
  • Keypads
  • Valet

Vault Scope:

  • Security Room
  • Lobby
  • Staff Elevator
  • Metal Detector
  • Elevator (Out of order)

Possible Targets


All extras are kept once bought.

  • Casino Model (130.000$)
  • Door Security (425.000$)
  • Vault Door (900.000$)

(Take a photo of the blueprints inside the office of the casino).

Second Board – Prep Work

Crew Choices


Karl Abolaji
Skill: Poor; Cut: 5%

Charlie Reed
Skill: Good, Cut: 7%
Weapons: SMGs and Shotguns

Gustave Mota
Skill: Expert; Cut: 9%

Chester Mocoy
Skill: Expert; Cut: 10%


Karim Denz
Skill: Poor; Cut: 5%

Zach Nelson
Skill: Good, Cut: 6%

Talina Martinez
Skill: Good; Cut: 7%
Cars: Retinue MK2, Drift Yosemite, Sugoi, Jugular

Eddie Toh
Skill: Expert; Cut: 9%

Chester Mocoy
Skill: Expert; Cut: 10%


Rickie Lukens:
Skill: Poor; Cut: 3%

Yohan Blair
Skill: Good; Cut: 5%

Christian Feltz
Skill: Good; Cut: 7%

Paige Harris
Skill: Expert; Cut: 9%

General Prep Works

Hacking Device

Get a FIB-pass from a corrupt agent, enter the FIB building and…

Vault Keycards

Patrol Routes

Go to a meeting of the Duggan security guys, eliminate them and search for the right car. Once found, open the trunk, take a photo of the documents and send them to Lester.

Duggan Shipments

Like a freeroam job. You have to destroy 10 shipments of these shipments, spread all over the map. Best use a helicopter for that.

Security Intel

Help poor Vincent, who is now a mall security guy. The Intel will be done in every heist when completed once.

Power Drills

Go to a construction site that is marked and collect either a vehicle with the drills or the drills alone. One person can carry two drills. A disguise is sometimes available.

Security Pass

  • Level 1: Acquired from a cleaning woman.
  • Level 2: Acquired from a croupier.

We had to crash a drug-party and find the croupier to search him for his pass.

Specific Prep – Silent & Sneaky

Nano Drone

You have to drive round the city and shoot down drones used by the LSPD. Then just collect the dropped parts.

Vault Laser

Go out to the desert, fight some (OP) Army guys and search for the lasers. They look like this:

EMP Device

Go to LSIA and steal a cargobob. Then fly to the university, lift the EMP out (it is right on the open filed) and fly it to the substation of LS Water and Power right across the casino.

Infilitration Suits

Go out to Human Labs and kill the guards in your way (the alarm will trigger as soon as you enter) Bags are in the rear (where you have to par the Insurgent in the Human Labs Heist). Bags look like this:

Specific Prep – The Big Con

Specific Prep – Aggressive

Thermal Charges

Acquire Thermal Charges to blow up vault door. We had to go out to Sandy Shores and crash a Hillbilly party.

Vault Explosives

We had to go out to Paleto Bay and recover the explosive from a sunken airplane, guarded by Merryweather. Grab scuba gear and dive out to find it.

Reinforced Armor

Boring Machine

Third Board – Heist

Your personal weapon arsenal can be collected in either Laundry or Waste Disposal

Silent and Sneaky

Take out the electric stuff with your stun gun

Kill the guards right away, DO NOT STUN THEM! Guards with a helmet can’t be killed right away. You can kill them with your knife.

Our way through:

  • We went in through waste disposal, disabling the first metal detector, in the area behint it.
  • After that we opened up the guard rooms and killed the guards.
  • In the elevator bay, there is a button in the middle of the security room, right by the window, that opens the door of a small vault. There is the daily income in there, that you can steal. Press the button, let one guy go in, close the door and wait until he has emptied the vault. The vault can be opened from the inside.

We waited for the elevator guard to pass and opened up the stairs access.

The Big Con

Our settings where:

  • Entrance: Security Tunnel
  • Entry Disguise: Gruppe Sechs

  • Exit: Waste Disposal
  • Exit Disguise: Firefighters

Buyer: High Level (is further away, but you get more money)

First: Get into the Gruppe Sechs van and drive to the casino, to the security tunnel. You are being let in and have to drive down the tunnel, where your credentials are being checked and you are able to park the van.

Then, go down to the vault area, proceed through the manhole. To go through, you have to swipe two keycards at the (roughly) same time (time-window is roughly 4 seconds) and then just go down the winding tunnel.

Then you have a short cutscene, one knocks out the guard who opens the door and then you have to start heisting.



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    • The elevator you use getting down whilst on “The Big Con” should be available for riding upstairs as well. If not, there is a staircase going up and down.
      We will check it out, the next time we play the heist.

  1. Ya forgot Avi and McReary
    You unlock Avi by destroying 50 Signal Jammers and McReary by saving him from the Police Van

  2. Nice guide man! Also on power drills u can destroy the van to retrieve the 2 drills inside the van..carefull cause i think u can destroy the drills also

  3. Also on vault keycards u dont need to take hte prison bus… you can go straight to the prison and kill the guard

  4. More Aggressive setup info:

    Vault Explosives can have you search in the harbor north of Merryweather HQ.

    Reinforced Armor can also send you to Humane Labs where you have to swim in through the cooling tunnel.

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