The Division – Some Tips How You Can Farm High End Gear and Weapons

In the Tom Clancy’s Division your main task is to find the top loot and to upgrade your character for long surviving in the game. The best loot has yellow color and it drops appreciably rarer than other items. The chance to drop the good loot on the territory of the Dark Zone is approximately 50/50. It’ll depend on your own luck. This guide will help you to farm the better gear and weapons when your character reaches 30 level in The Division.

The Division - Some Tips How You Can Farm High End Gear and Weapons

Some Tips About Farming High End Weapons

When your character reaches the 30 level and up the mechanics of the Dark Zone changes and this territory will be crowded with new dangerous enemies of higher and more challenge. And you will have to use high end weapons and gear to survive. They should have definitely high skills, health and DPS.

Firstly you should go to the definite Gear Vendor and take the Vector 45 ACP Blueprint for crafting it or obtaining it if you have the Clinton food supplies. If you are able to craft and use it you will have some advantages.

Challenging mode – Lexington Event Center

After reaching 30 level challenge modes will be unlocked. You’ll be able to get so necessary Phoenix Credits if all these missions are completed. Lexington Event Center is considered the 1 of the easiest ones. Here there is the walkthrough how to fulfill the mission without any difficulties.

When you eliminate the thugs and enter the building, on the 1st floor you’ll run into the crowd of the real enemies. You’ll find 2 shotgun rushers there. Take them out as fast as you can. After doing that take the elevator up and take down 2 tanks fast (you are able to use it as a cover). You will need clear out the area.

Take the shotguns rushers and tanks down after you will get down. It’s better to shoot from the doorway that is located next to the restock territory. There you’ll have to fight with the main boss but before it you must shoot down 2 snipers.

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