TEKKEN 7 – Jin Kazama

Useful T7 Info:

Jin Kazama

Difficulty – Medium

Jin excels in a lot of areas. Has a very high damaging poke game. Has extremely strong space control with f4, a CH launching mid with huge range which can be made safe on block. Has great mobility as a result of wavedashing and can close the gap in an instant. Has great tools out of the wavedash such as a comboable low, a mid launcher mainly used for whiff punishing or as a mid option. He is a very versatile character, can be played offensively with his strong poking game and wavedash mixup or defensively with f4 keepout and strong block/whiff punishment with the ability to change the pace as he wishes. He has the best parry in the game, a parry usually loses to elbows/knees/headbutts/weapons but Jin’s counters all so he forces his opponent to second guess their offense at an advantage. One of the best poking game with damaging lows with one being a CH launcher, safe mids that knockdown and his 4 which is one of the fastest homing moves in the game at i13 which knocksdown on CH. However, he can struggle to punish certain stuff as his punishment lacks range.


  • Great mobility.
  • Very strong rewarding mixups and poking game. 
  • One of the overall best punishment in the game.
  • Very flexible character. 
  • Can be hard to pressure offensively due to his parry and evasive moves. 
  • One of the best homing moves in the game. 
  • One of the fastest Rage Arts in the game 


  • Lacks range on some of his punishment. 

Recommended for players who like:

  • Versatile playstyle, being able to dictate the pace at any given time.
  • Ability to punish opponent’s mistakes heavily.

Written by Fergus!

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