TEKKEN 7 – Hwoarang

Useful T7 Info:


Difficulty – Advanced

Hwoarang is back with an interesting…costume change. Hwo would be classified as a pure rushdown character. His offense upclose is centered around fast paced mid/low and CH mixups through the use of his various stances. He forces the opponent to make fast defensive decisions or be looped in Hwo’s offense. He kills people who tries to mash out of his pressure but vs people who accept it with good defense, he has to hit his opponent more often than they do him. His difficulty stems from remembering all the options he has in his stances and knowing what move transitions into which stance. He encourages creativity in his pressure with all the possible mixup routes he can take. He is easily one of the most complex characters to learn in the series. The game has blessed him with some of the best Rage Arts and Power Crushes. Hwo has the game’s only safe mid Rage Art but it is only accessible out of a stance. While his offense is so strong and overwhelming, his ranged game and approach is lacking although he got a new move to help out a bit. He doesn’t have good high crushes in his neutral stance, he needs to access his other stances to have them available.


  • Insane mixup game.
  • High combo damage output.
  • Racks damage up fast in offense.
  • Safe mid Rage Art.
  • Amazing power crush.


  • Punishment game is a bit meh.
  • Ranged game is weak.
  • Poor high crushes in default stance.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Pure rushdown character.
  • Fast paced gameplay.
  • Having tons of options for varied offense.

Written by Fergus!

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