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No Man's Sky - Inventory Glitch

Written by Zloperdon   /   Dec 22, 2019    

This guide is about large inventory at the beginning of the game.

Inventory Glitch

This guide shows, that novice players could have plenty of storage slots from the beginning of the game.

  1. Search for signals and add some new starships to your collection. Do not change your primary ship. Just use left green button in comparison interface [Add to collection].
  2. Then you could repair some slots, dismantle some modules for rare resources or leave them intact. Your "cannibalism" acts would not low its exchange price.
  3. You may call to your ships from collection in any time with all their cargo filled with your garbage / resorces / relics etc.
  4. Press [X]. Then [Change vehicle]. Then [Choose another ship]. Then place it on ground and fill its cargo. Rename it.
  5. You may exchange this ships any time at Trade posts and stations. Expensive ones could have 1/3 of its price for exchange (17 800 000 regular price transforms to 5 850 000 discounted price for exchange). So you could easy have large amount of cargo slots at beginning and upgrade them during your walkthough.
  6. At the further stages of game you would have enough inventory and storage place from technologies and storage boxes and could use your collection to store unique ships.
  7. Screenshots are at different language, but see graphical icons to find out proper menu:

Vehicle menu:

Ship's collection menu:

Ship's placement:

Garbage inside ship's cargo:

Written by Zloperdon.

Game:   No Mans Sky