American Truck Simulator – Oversized Cargo Guide (How to Hall Legal Way)

If you have the heavy cargo dlc then you might wanna look at this! I have over 30 hours in american truck sim and I bought most of there dlc! For roleplay this will teach you how to carry overszied loads in a legal matter if the police actually cared!

The Basics

As shown in the image above you will need the proper oversized load flags and banner! the banner will always spawn on the trailer so dont worry about that! As for your tractor (truck) you can buy a banner in the shop or if not items in the steam workshop will help you! Always have banners! Be sure to always have the whole intersection stopped when making a turn as your turn length will have to be wider.

Flashing Beacon Lights!

Beacons can be found in the item shop under truck add on. The game come with one set of flashing beacons and with mods that can be made better. Beacons alert the traffic around you that they shall pay a good look at you. Beacons will work on all non mod trucks in game! They are also unlocked when your driver reaches level 5. Rental Trucks will never come with beacon lights so you will need your own tractor (truck). On your keyboard you can activate them by pressing o. With mods you can get fullsized light bars for your truck. To get said mods go to them steam workshop for American Truck sim choose beacons once you find one you like click subscribe and it will be in your game! But you will have to turn the mod on in the Mod and DLC menu on your start up page.


This only matters if you have the Special Cargo DLC!

The game dose have that DLC mods to exist as well for free but the DLC is better.

When on such mission you will need to follow what the escort tell you to do as once our out of it i cannot get back in it as the escort cars will stop!

You get a police unit at the front and a oversized load F150 with beacons at the back the will guide you threw out the delivery. Use extra skill when doing one of these as the load will me huge wide or tall! if you continue driving without the escort you will make little to no money and lose a ♥♥♥ ton of xp! I would only say do this if your above level 25 as it takes mass skill i myself have completed 18 of those halls!

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