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Slime Rancher - How to Farm Quantum Slimes

Written by Depresso   /   Dec 23, 2019    

People think quantum slimes are incredibly difficult or impossible to farm. This is simply untrue. I will show you how to farm quantum slimes if you don't already know how.

What You Will Need

For this process, you will need:

  • Quantum slimes, I've found that any amount under 50 works fine, but you can try more than that.
  • 1-3 Gardens of any fruit, phase lemons work best.
  • A fully upgraded corral, can be with or without solar shield.
  • (Optional) Drone and advanced drone.
  • A refinery/ market link if you need it.

What to Do Next

  • First, upgrade all of your gardens and place the phase lemons into the fruit slot place.
  • Then, place your slimes in the corral and make sure they are hand fed before you proceed, as they may be able to escape if hungry.
  • Next, place phase lemons into the auto-feeder, and place the feeder at medium- high feed speed. (if medium, the slimes have a risk of escaping).
  • Then, collect your plorts and keep up putting food into the feeder and make sure you keep a close eye on them.
  • Bonus; if you have a drone or two, you can set the drone's objective as follows.
  • Item; fruits, Source; gardens, Destination; corrals (make sure the destination is corrals and not auto feeder; while this works, the drones may not be on the right schedule and the slimes may be able to escape).
  • And then set a drone to take the plorts from the collector to your destination.

Why Would I Need This?

You can get extreme amounts of quantum plorts for the refinery, or make a lot of money with this method, especially with more slimes. With these plorts you can make, drones, decorations from the ancient ruins, and everything in between!

Written by Depresso.

Game:   Slime Rancher