Super Animal Royale – Weapon Guide

Ever wonder how the guns in Super Animal Royale function? The advantages and disadvantages to each? Why or when you should consider using them? Well, this guide aims to at least help give you a general idea on the strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of each; helping you both fight and use each weapon to give a general idea of how to approach each foe in Super Animal Royale.


Welcome, and thank you for clicking on this guide. Hopefully, with it’s help, you will be able to understand how one should think when both fighting and using each weapon in Super Animal Royale.

It’s important to note, that just because this guide says “X is good for Y scenario” doesn’t mean you can’t use a weapon in whatever way you want too. Playing how you wish is part of the fun of a game like this. The point of this guide is to help players who are new get a general idea on the basic use and advantages each weapon has to offer. This way they can jump into the fray eager to fight like all of us do.

Basics of Super Animal Royale

Alright, let’s get started with the basics of Super Animal Royale before we step into the weapons themselves.

Health, Avoiding Damage, and Restoring Health

Health is an important aspect of surviving in Super Animal Royale. At the start of a match, you will have a maximum health amount of 100 HP by default. As you take damage, or shoot enemies, their max health total will go down; and once your health hits 0, you die (Naturally).

But how do you avoid dying? Well, for starters, a good tactic is to utilise the Super Jump Roll. With a simple tap of the Spacebar, one can perform a roll dodge which is useful for avoiding gunfire.

But that’s not all, if you tap the Spacebar to Super Jump Roll instantly after landing another jump roll, you can gain extra speed and a trail of gold sparkles which let you move faster and farther. Super useful for fleeing or avoiding attacks.

However, even if you roll constantly, this doesn’t make you invincible. So let’s say you accidentally get hit with a few stray bullets and you are now on low health. That’s it, game over; right? Time to wave the white flag and surrender? Nope. It’s time to hit Q to take a swig of our Health Juice.

Whenever you have some stored, you can hit Q to heal HP. As you drink, your health will be restored at a 4.75 HP ratio per 0.5 second. Since your Animal has 100 health by default, this means it takes about 10.5 seconds to restore from 1 hp to 100 hp. It is important to note that while drinking your Health Juice, you are very vulnerable to being attacked. Because of this, it’s best to hide somewhere out of the warzone before you attempt to heal. Your Health Juice canteen can carry up to 200 HP worth of health; and upon death, you drop that canteen for other players to pick up. But this also means when you kill players, you can loot theirs as well.

To fill the canteen naturally, you have to pick up Health Juice canisters. Health Juice is found all over the map, and can be found in 3 different sizes: Small (worth 10 HP), Medium (worth 20 HP) and Large (worth 40 hp). It’s best to loot as much as you can while you have down time.

There are two other sources of healing that will be majorly useful to your Animal. The first one are the Campfires. These are found throughout the map, if your animal is damaged, and stands near them; they will light and begin to heal your animal back some of their health.

These Campfires while lit, will heal 4HP per second as long as animals remain near them, and they remain activate for 15 seconds before fizzling out. It is important to note however that the Campfire will heal any animal who stands within’ range, so enemies can take advantage of that healing too if they get in range. While lit, the campfire also can alert enemies to your presence as a lit flame tells players that someone is near; so watch out for grenades flying in to ruin the party.

The final method to restore HP is to eat Coconuts which can be found around the palm trees. These can be found all over the island, and heal you for 5 HP when eaten. It’s not much, but it can help you survive in those desperate moments so don’t ignore them if you need a bit of health. It’s instant, unlike the other methods which take time.

Restoring health and rolling is fine and all, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to tank even more damage, luckily there is with Armor . Like Health, Body Armor comes in 3 different levels. While wearing armor, you get a bar of Armor Health, with each level giving you an additional one (Level 3, gives you 3 bars, 2 gives you 2, etc).

While wearing armor, it will tank a blow that normally would have dealt full damage to your Animal. The only exceptions to this rule are the Deagle (knocks off 2 Armor levels instead of 1), the Sniper (knocks off all Armor levels instead of 1), and the Poison Dart Gun (ignores armor). All the other weapons will damage the armor based on tracers hit. This means that rapid fire guns and Shotguns are really good at breaking armor fast.

The advantage of armor, is that those are shots that aren’t damaging your health pool and instead just breaking your armor, giving you time to react or retaliate against your attacker. Like Health Juice, Armor can be looted from all around the battlefield.

But, let’s say your armor is broken; what do you do then? Well, that’s when you hit C to use your Super Tape! The Super Tape will repair one damaged block of your armor, making it a super handy tool; and like Armor and Health Juice, can be looted from around the map. You can carry up to 5. However, Tape takes a few seconds to repair, and in the heat of the moment, one must decide if it’s a better idea to repair, or just pick up another set of armor. In some circumstances, that is a smarter choice (Ergo: If you have a damaged level 3 set, and there is a fresh one; just pick up the fresh one instead of fixing the damaged one. This conserves resources and is much faster).

With all this explained, we can finally move on to the weapons themselves.

The Weapons of Super Animal Royale Part 1: Qualities, Bullet Types, Melee

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

There are a lot of weapons in Super Animal Royale, and now that you know the basics of health and armor, it’s time to talk about the aspect of your main source of damage. Your weapons which come in 3 categories (Melee, Guns, Throwables) and qualities, which effect damage output and so on.

Weapon Qualities and Ammo types

There are 5 different weapon Qualities in Super Animal Royale, each one slightly influences the damage output of the gun. The difference is usually minor, with better quality having a small damage increase over the other, but it is still something to take into account. The qualities are Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold).

Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic quality can be found all over the map; however, Legendary quality items can only be obtained from the Delivery Mole. He pops up twice per game as the Circle of Life shrinks, and gives a special Mole Crate which upon opening, will contain Legendary, and Epic quality weapons, Grenades, Armor, and other goodies. 

This makes the Delivery Mole a good character to find; but it also means lots of players will fight to get their hands on the goodies that he drops off. The Mole is the only way to get the Minigun and M16, so it can be well worth the struggle to secure the goods offloaded by him; if going after it though, be prepared for a potentially rough and dangerous encounter.

Firearm Knowledge

Some things to keep in mind; is that guns in Super Animal Royale suffer from Bullet Spread. If you hold down the attack button or spam it; bullets will go flying in a deviated degrees and sometimes miss the target completely. However, if you click and wait half a second, bullets will generally be more accurate. This can make aiming feel much more consistent and better then praying and spraying.

Bullets also have travel time in SAR; meaning it’s important to lead your shots. Instead of shooting directly at the Animal, is usually more beneficial to aim where he is going. Try your hardest to predict the enemies movements; and if fighting someone, move in unpredictable ways to throw off their aim.

When a gun is fired, on your screen; it makes noise and also emits a muzzle flash. This may seem minor on your screen, but enemies who do not have a line of sight with you, can hear and see these. If you are in the fog of war, and fire a gun; the muzzle flash will light on the other players screens, giving your position away. The Silenced Pistol is the one gun in the game who’s muzzle flash will not give your position away.

Another important thing to keep in mind, is the type of bullets each weapon uses, ammo types include, Little Bullets (Pistol, Silenced Pistol, SMG, Minigun, Thomas Gun), Big Bullets (AK, M16, Magnum, Deagle), Shells (Shotgun, Jag-7), Sniper Rounds (Sniper Rifle), and Poison Darts (Poison Dart Gun). The maximum carrying capacity is as follows:

  • Small Bullets – 120.
  • Big Bullets – 90.
  • Shells – 30.
  • Sniper Rounds / Poison Darts – 25.

The last thing to mention about weapons in Super Animal Royale, is they suffer from Damage Falloff. Weapons deal max damage at close range, but the further away they get, the less damage you will deal. Due to this, zoning is generally not as viable. The damage totals of this guide will be referring to the base damage if the gun is fired at Point blank, but keep in mind that the further away the target gets, the less damage you deal.


Unlike the other weapon types, your Melee weapon is always equipped. The default one is a Katana, but the Melee weapon has many skins; some droppable, some from special events, so don’t worry too much if you see someone wielding a Lightsaber or a Backscratcher, they function the same way.

  • Base Damage: 33 per hit.
  • Clip Size: N/A.
  • Reload Speed: N/A.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: Point Blank.

The Melee weapon can be pulled out by pushing 3 on your keyboard. While equipped, the Melee weapon makes you run much faster then if you had any gun out. Making it useful for fleeing, or moving quickly, especially if Rolling.

During combat, it can kill anyone without armor in 4 hits, however; it will only damage Armor by 1 bar per hit, meaning if the enemy has Level 3 armor, you’ll need to hit them 3 times, just to start actually dealing damage. This makes Melee only really useful early on in the round before enemies have time to secure armor and gear.

The Melee weapon is also useful for cutting grass found on the map, and breaking crates; all of which have a decent chance of dropping collectables, such as grenades, health juice; so if you’re really hurting for supplies, a little yard work can go a long way.

There is a special achievement for winning the round with only a Melee weapon.

The Weapons of Super Animal Royale Part 2: Small Bullet Guns

Small Bullet Guns

Firearms, pieces, lead hurlers, whatever you wanna call them; guns offer you a decent amount of range, and damage output. However, unlike your Melee weapon, guns have limited ammo, so you’ll need to be careful about running out of bullets.

Small arms have a hefty ammo pool, and generally great reload speed and fire rates; though this tends to come at the cost of range and damage output. They are a great cover for other weapon types.


  • Base Damage: 34 (C), 36 (U), 38 (R), 40 (E) per bullet.
  • Qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic.
  • Clip Size: 8.
  • Reload Speed: Fast.
  • Rate of Fire: Slow-Medium.
  • Range: 110 (C), 120 (URE) Super Animal Units (SAU).

One of the most common weapons in the game, using Little Bullets; the Pistol is more useful early in the round, and is likely to be grabbed as a safety net until something better is found. The Pistol is Semi-Automatic, meaning it’s fire rate is based on how quickly you click. This makes it a decent weapon for up close and personal self defense, or an emergency last minute damage tool.

The biggest weakness of this gun, is damage falloff hits it hard; at the longest range of 120 SAU, this gun will only deal 5.71 damage, so zoning makes this weapon basically useless.

Silenced Pistol

  • Base Damage: 38 (E), 40 (L).
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 12.
  • Reload Speed: Fast.
  • Rate of Fire: Slow-Medium.
  • Range: 120 (EL) SAU.

A great sidearm who is often overlooked due to how weak the standard pistol is; up close, the SIlenced Pistol can actually contest the AK in DPS if used well, thanks to being Semi-Automatic like it’s non-silenced counterpart. Its lack of a bright muzzle flash, and low sound emitted on shot also makes it great for players who don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves.

However, this gun suffers from 2 major drawbacks, the first is the same as it’s non-silenced counterpart; damage falloff hits this gun hard. At the longest range, you’ll be dealing just shy of 10 damage; but the other downside is more impactful; it’s a rare gun to find on the battlefield. The Legendary Quality can only be un-boxed from a mole crate, and the Epic quality likely won’t pop up too often.

Sub Machine Gun (SMG)

  • Base Damage: 31 (U), 33 (C), 35 (R), 37 (E).
  • Qualities: Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic.
  • Clip Size: 25.
  • Reload Speed: Fast.
  • Rate of Fire: Fast.
  • Range: 120 (UCRE) SAU.

One of the best early game weapons for shredding armor; the SMG comes in as a fast firing, and dangerous weapon to behold at closer ranges, due to it’s rate of fire. It can shred through even Level 3 armor really fast, and dish out good damage up close and personal; plus with a fast reload speed and decent clip, it seems like it has no downsides…

However, the SMG suffers from the same flaw as the Pistol and Silenced Pistol; in that Damage Falloff hits this gun like a sledgehammer, causing it to go from respectable damage up close, to just shy of 5 damage (U) to 13 (E) at longer ranges; making it super important to close the distance to make use of this beast to it’s max potential. The other downside, is it’s bullets tend to suffer from more spread then other guns at longer ranges, making it much harder to aim, but due to the falloff, it’s not good to use at long range anyway. Great sidearm to cover the weaknesses of other guns.

Thomas Gun (Tommy Gun)

  • Base Damage: 37 (E), 39 (L).
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 50.
  • Reload Speed: Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: Fast.
  • Range: 183 (E), 197 (L) SAU.

The poster boy of the 1920’s and old time Gangsters, it’s not a wonder why. The Tommygun has great range and damage output, is amazing at shredding armor, and a decent reload speed. Plus, with 50 bullets in the chamber, it’s almost impossible to not hit the target with some of them. While falloff applies to all guns, it’s not nearly as harmful for the Tommy Gun, thanks to it’s sheer ammo pool.

However, that clip is both a blessing, and a curse. Sure, it’s great to have 50 shots to spam at enemies, but knowing you only have 120 bullets in reserve, you can run out of ammo really fast if not being smart about how to use this gun. Like the SMG, it also suffers from bullet spread, so don’t expect to be sniping too effectively with this best. It’s better to fire off only a couple of bullets at a time, then to hold the trigger most of the time.


  • Base Damage: 33 (E), 35 (L).
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 100.
  • Reload Speed: Slowest.
  • Rate of Fire: Fastest.
  • Range: 120 (EL) SAU.

It costs over 400,000$ to fire this weapon, for twelve seconds; but the Minigun is a death dealing, massive hunk of pain and misery staring right at the enemies face. Anyone caught at the receiving end of this big beast is going to receive a ludicrous amount of damage, regardless of range, as the falloff on this gun isn’t as damaging as other weapons, and since it fires so fast; it can majorly mow down enemies like crazy. Sounds unstoppable, right?

Well, the biggest downside to the Minigun, is that it majorly reduces your movement speed while walking, rolling, and especially while attacking. It also takes a second to rev up, making you a sitting duck for Grenades, Snipers, and even just concentrated focus fire. Due to these obvious weaknesses, the Minigun shines brightest if playing in Duos or Squads, where you can have your teammates bait enemies into you and mow them down; or let them draw attention before you charge in; but in Solo, while it may look big and strong, it can easily be put down if not careful. Best to carry along with a fast emergency weapon for backup. Given it’s large clip, it also chews through ammo really fast, but hopefully by then, everything around you is a wasteland.

The Weapons of Super Animal Royale Part 3: Large Bullet Guns

Bigger is Better

Big Bullet guns carry higher damage, and more potential all around power output, but their ammo is a little less common; making them a little more special. These weapons are generally all around great; and ideal for covering good ground that other weapons lack; though their reload speed can sometimes leave them vulnerable.


  • Base Damage: 51 (C), 54 (U), 57 (R).
  • Qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare.
  • Clip Size: 7.
  • Reload Speed: Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: 120 (CUR) SAU.

The Magnum is big, the Magnum is shiny, and the Magnum hits like a truck against un-armored targets. Early on in the round, the Magnum can 2 tap any Animal not brandishing body armor; meaning you might want to reach for one of these upon your first touch down landing. The damage falloff on this gun is also almost non-existent only going down by about 7 points of damage from the base at longest range.

However, late game, the Magnum begins to show it’s weakness. It’s average rate of fire, and reload makes it ineffective against armored foes; especially L2 and L3 armor. Even then, it can still pack a powerful punch, especially if paired with a gun that can decimate armor.

Desert Eagle (Deagle)

  • Base Damage: 60 (E), 63 (L).
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 7.
  • Reload Speed: Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: Fast.
  • Range: 120 (EL) SAU.

The Deagle (get it? Cause it has an Eagle’s beak?) is basically a super Magnum. Not only does it do more damage on hit, but it also fires faster, reloads faster; and has the added benefit of dealing 2 bars of armor damage instead of just 1; making it a great armor buster. Like the Magnum, it doesn’t suffer from falloff much either; losing 12 damage at the furthest distance.

The biggest downside to the Deagle, is that it is LOUD. The Deagle has a unique audio cue per shot of an Eagle screeching; and also leaves behind Eagle feathers on shot. While a nice touch, these audio and visual features make it very obvious when someone is using the Deagle; and promotes caution if one is using it well. The other downside, is that it is a relatively rare gun, given it’s higher quality; it is a great all-around sidearm to carry with you.


  • Base Damage: 35 (C), 37 (U), 39 (R).
  • Qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare.
  • Clip Size: 30.
  • Reload Speed: Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: 120 (CUR) SAU.

The AK is the most well rounded weapon in SAR, making it an ideal choice for almost any situation. There’s not really any downsides or upsides; making it the safest pick of all guns to use. Close Range, Long Range, it does well at all; though it is beaten at close range by Shotguns, and is beaten at Long Range by Snipers. It is probably the best sidearm for whatever choice you take as your primary.


  • Base Damage: 38 (E), 40 (L).
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 30.
  • Reload Speed: Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: 120 (EL).

Only obtainable through the Delivery Mole; think of the M16 as a better version of the AK, it’s got pretty much the same exact stats, but it’s stronger; with the only downside being it can only be obtained from a Mole Crate, meaning you might not get it if you’re unlucky. If it’s up for grabs, go for it, if you can.

The Weapons of Super Animal Royale Part 4: Shotguns and Snipers

Close and Long Shots

Shotguns and Snipers are the polar opposites when it comes to dealing damage. With Shotguns, you wanna get as close as possible before you pull the trigger; while with Snipers, is generally wise to keep your distance. Regardless of the method, they prove to be quite deadly if used properly.


  • Base Damage: 29 (C), 31 (U), 33 (R) per pellet.
  • Qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare.
  • Clip Size: 5.
  • Reload Speed: Fast.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: 70 (C), 74 (U), 78 (R) SAU.

When fired, a Shotgun launches 5 pellets in a wide spread; each one having the potential to do max damage for quite a hefty chunk of change. If you get right up and meatshot someone, even wearing full L3 Armor, you will rip their armor apart and dish out up to 66 damage at the same time, assuming all the pellets hit. That’s a lot of damage.

But of course, with high damage; the downside shines bright, the Shotgun is useless at longer ranges, where the falloff makes each pellet deal just short of 8 damage. Because of this, the Shotgun is best used to punish players up close and ensure a decisive victory.


  • Base Damage: 25 (E), 27 (L) per pellet.
  • Qualities: Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 5.
  • Reload Speed: Fast.
  • Rate of Fire: Medium.
  • Range: 74 (E), 78 (L) SAU.

Though on first glance; one may think the JAG looks weaker then the standard Shotgun; that is because it fires more pellets then it’s counterpart. While the standard Shotgun fires 5 pellets; the JAG fires 7; allowing it to not only break L3 armor in one shot; but even give a full health Animal a trip to Mr. Reaper. Because of this, players must use caution around the JAG.

Also like the standard Shotty though, the JAG suffers from extreme falloff making it’s respectable damage go down to a slap on the wrist at longer ranges. Be wary of chasing players, if they have the JAG, you might be dead before you even have time to react.

Sniper Rifle

  • Base Damage: 90 (R), 95 (E), 100 (L).
  • Qualities: Rare, Epic, Legendary.
  • Clip Size: 5.
  • Reload Speed: Slow.
  • Rate of Fire: Slow.
  • Range: 120 (REL) SAU.

What would a game with guns be without a Sniper Rifle? To be honest though, the Sniper in SAR lacks the range one might expect; but it makes up for that with devastating damage. A single shot from a Sniper Rifle will completely wreck any armor, even a L3 will be instantly destroyed. The falloff on the Sniper is also fairly good, only dropping by 10 at the longest range.

However, the downsides to the Sniper begin to pop up around now. It reloads slow, it fires slow (although rolling can help circumvent the slow fire rate); and it’s loud as hell. It’s also the heaviest gun in the game, slowing your movement speed a considerable amount while it’s drawn and reducing your roll distance (yes, heavier then even the Minigun), so consider brandishing another weapon if you wish to move around faster.

Poison Dart Gun

  • Base Damage: 11 (U), 13 (R) + 36 (P).
  • Qualities: Uncommon, Rare.
  • Clip Size: 5.
  • Reload Speed: Slow.
  • Rate of Fire: Slow.
  • Range: 120 (UR) SAU.

The Poison Dart gun, on first glance, may seem like a useless weapon. However, this weapon can be one of the most powerful. The Poison Dart Gun ignores Armor completely, and inflicts Poison damage on the target hit (9 damage, 4 ticks over half a second), amounting to a total of about 49 damage on hit. Since the Poison is fixed damage, this also means range isn’t an issue; as long as the dart hits, they are taking the poison damage.

However, it’s low DPS makes it more viable for slowly wearing enemies down, or pressuring them. It can easily be overpowered by a gun of higher DPS; and it’s slow reload speed means missing a shot can put you in a bad spot. Still, it’s potential is high, like with the Sniper Rifle; it slows down your movement something fierce, so be cautious of that.

The Weapons of Super Animal Royale Part 5: Throwables

Lobbing a Present

Somebody on the run? Camping out in a hard to reach area? Hiding near a Campfire and hogging it for themselves? Surely you want in on that action, but oh dear… your health is low, your resources dwindling, and you don’t want to expose yourself directly to them, less you get shot and die… however can we work around this issue?

Why, Throwables of course. Lobbing weapons around the corner makes for an extremely powerful tool, as it can be hard to react if you turn a corner and see a grenade about to go off. This gives Throwables a great value as a pressure tool to make the situation more stressful for enemies.

In Duos and Squad mode; throwables do not contain friendly fire; so if one of your teammates throws a grenade, you won’t take damage from it. However, the person who threw the grenade is subject to splash damage. Be cautious when lobbing explosives, or you could easily kill yourself by accident.


  • Base Damage: 150.
  • Max Carried: 5.
  • Range: 31 SAU.

Good old Pineapples; the Military class Hand Grenade is a staple of most war related games. And Super Animal Royale is no exception. Upon throwing a grenade, it will detonate a few seconds later; shedding a loud explosion, dealing massive damage to anyone too close to the blast. A direct hit will kill the target, regardless of armor and health level.

With 5 carried at any time; you can throw them around where you think enemies maybe hiding, or drop them to try to punish people pursuing you.

Skunk Bomb

  • Base Damage: 0, 13 per 0.6 Seconds (P).
  • Max Carried: 5.
  • Range: 30 SAU.

The Skunk Bomb may not do any damage on it’s throw; but what it does is extremely deadly. Upon exploding, the Skunk Bomb releases toxic gas in a wide radius. Any Animal that enters that space will be subjected to 26 Poison damage for every second they are in that gas. If caught in a Skunk Bomb explosion, it’s best to run, or roll out of it. Be cautious of areas with only one entrance; a well placed Skunk Bomb could seal your fate.

Be cautious however, as you yourself will take damage from your own Poison; so avoid throwing them and trapping yourself, or you might kill yourself in a very humiliating way.

Banana (Praise Banan)

  • Base Damage: 0.
  • Max Carried: 10.
  • Range: 16 SAU.

On immediate glance, many people probably think of the Banana Peel as a joke weapon. Given it does no damage; it’s extremely situational, and doesn’t seem to have as much practicality as the other options.

These people are what we like to call, Heretics. One must Praise the Banan, as it offers one of the strongest advantages any player could have. If a player is dumb enough to walk over the peel, or mistimes a roll and lands on it; they will be temporarily incapacitated for 2 seconds; more then enough time for a player to empty a clip into them.

Praise Banan.

Strong and Fun Combinations

Tools of the Trade

Certain Weapon combinations pair exceedingly well; and knowing which ones work well together can help give you an advantage. These combinations can aid with covering weaknesses, and taking down other players.

Safety Animal

Weapons: AK/Shotgun or M4/JAG, Any Explosive

The purpose of this loadout is to allow comfort in your approach towards the target. The AK/M4 is generally the most well rounded gun in the game, allowing for comfort at any range, and the Shotgun/JAG allows you to punish enemies for crowding you to close; or can be used to kill enemies pursuing you heavily.

The Juggernaut

Weapons: M4/Minigun, Grenades

A Loadout that would make most enemies flee in terror. The M4 covers all around combat; while the Minigun is for moments where you need to threaten, or scare enemies away. Using the M4 to move, Grenades to pressure, and the Minigun to punish; this loadout may not be the best in the book; but if you have the chance; load up, and take to the streets.

Deadly Combination

Weapons: JAG/Sniper Rifle, Any Explosives

Long and Close Range domination; but you lack an alternative in the event you miss. This makes it a high risk/high reward loadout. If you feel confident in your ability to hit those shots; you can truly punish anybody who comes strolling around. But if you fear your aim being imprecise; the Deagle can make a good alternative to the Sniper.

Virus Spreading

Weapons: Thomas Gun/Poison Dart Gun, Skunk Bombs

This loadout can be evil to fight. The general gist is to use the Poison Dart Gun to apply pressure and force the enemy to attempt to rush you down, then bust out the Tommygun and clean house when they do. The SMG can be a good alternative if you don’t find a Tommy; and Skunk Bombs are great for forcing some distance in case you are caught off guard.

The Agent

Weapons: Silenced Pistol/Sniper Rifle, Any Explosive

For the Player who wants to be a bit more tactical about their moves; the Sniper Rifle deals hefty damage and destroys armor, which can then be followed up with the Silenced Pistol to quickly output damage up close and personal to quickly dish out some pain.

Trap Master

Weapons: Any Guns, Bananas

The Trap Master prefers to follow targets around, and wait for them to enter a room with only one entrance, then they get to work. With a few well placed bananas, escape is impossible. Once the target has tripped; they are at the complete mercy of the Animal who set the trap.

The Pacifist

Weapons: Melee Only, Bananas

Running a Pacifist Loadout can get you a Flyswatter Melee unlock for you; but earning a Pacifist victory is quite hard, since you can’t deal any damage yourself, but you have to be the final one standing. Your best friend for this one is to Praise Banan, stay hidden, avoid confrontation whenever possible; and let the Circle of Life slowly get smaller. Once it’s down to the final 2, lob your Bananas like mad; pray your enemy slips on one and get engulfed in the Super Skunk Gas, and drink your Health Juice trying hard to outlast them.

Experiment and have Fun

This guide is by no means telling you “You should only use these because they work best.” If anything, many of these loadouts are probably not very effective, but can be fun. It’s best to try all kinds of things to find what Playstyle works best for you. With that, I hope to see you on the battlefield, of Super Animal Royale.

Written by Shadowlord90

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