Last Year – Hockey Stick Locations

List of Locations with Hockey Sticks


Rare in-game item:

  • Damage = 20.
  • Upgrade-able = No.
  • Friendly-Fire = No.
  • Charges = 8.

Hockey stick spawns every time to these maps with different locations every time. There may be more locations what i don’t know but i managed to find these.

The Library

Spawns under the bridge.

Spawns downstair where you usually need to hack first computer.

Spawns downstair in the library room where you need to hack computer next to electric radiator.

Spawns on bookshelf where you need to hack the final computer.

The Gym

Spawns next to switchboard in basement hallway.

Spawns next to vending machine on first floor.

Spawns behind these boxes in a room where skeleton is.

The Belltower

Spawns to the maze where you see the trapdoor and close to garbage boxes.

Spawns to box storage room next to kitchen.

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