TEKKEN 7 – Eddy Gordo

Useful T7 Info:

Eddy Gordo

Difficulty – Medium

Eddy is arguably the most unorthodox character in the game. He has access to a few stances, but a lot of focus is put on one which is called RLX stance. This stance is very evasive and can be used to enforce 50/50s on the opponent with comboable mid and low options when used properly. Eddy has access to strong low pokes: SS4 can be very hard to whiff/block punish, and df4 has pretty good reach, making him strong at chipping the opponent down with all the various low/mid pokes. while looking for moments to enforce the RLX mixup. He has pretty strong keepout with moves like df2 (i15 CH launcher with pushback), SS4, uf4 (ranged mid) and good usage of his stances to evade. He has a canned 50/50 mixup with uf3 string which puts the opponent into a mid/low guessing game with rewarding options. He has access to a i13 WS launcher which is tied fastest with Kazuya & Josie, meaning doing low pokes on Eddy with certain characters turns into a big risk. However, he does have a pretty bad SS making him prone to more offense, but also one of the best backdashes in the game.. He is encouraged to enforce RLX mixups on his opponent to rack up damage along with having a good understanding of Tekken’s oki system.


  • Strong 50/50 game.
  • Good chip poke heavy style.
  • i13 WS launcher.
  • Strong okizeme.
  • One of the best backdashes.


  • Poor punishment outside of i13 WS launcher.
  • His mixup options can be punished heavily.
  • Bad SS, takes more pressure than most chars.

Recommended for players who likes:

  • Unorthodox characters.
  • Chip poke heavy style.
  • Strong okizeme.

Written by Fergus!

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