Northgard – Useful Tips for Beginners

This guide will teach you important tips that no one else will tell you.

Tips for Newbies

  1. Once the game starts scout the areas around before building woodcutter’s hut. Look for a forest to build it in if you found one without wolves this is to get 10% more wood.
  2. If you see fertile land get it. it gives you a lot of food.
  3. When scouting enemies focus on getting to their town hall asap and don’t bother with other tiles. Make your path and try to find the shortest.
  4. Get gold and build lots of army camps.
  5. My personal way of getting gold is by building 2 trading posts.
  6. Build another woodcutter’s hut to sell the wood or get boost for building camps.
  7. Have a main food source upgrade the tile and the tools and the silo (farm is the best).
  8. Never feast before the 1st winter.
  9. Minimum amount for effective raid is about 10~12 don’t go less you’ll waste money and time and souls.
Written by /Arkail


  1. Every game changes from spawn to clan to your teammates to your opponents , nothing is static so instead of developing memorized strats , develop your game to situations you are in.

  2. 1) You just don’t colonize solo forest for just %10 wood bonus.
    2) You do not auto colonize fertile land if you have other food tile + sth else (runestone / sheep / treasure) and need only 1 food tile.
    3) Sometimes your opponent has good defense on main tile (towers along with hugged borders) than you need to focus other tiles to destroy their eco and burn their stuff.
    4) Get gold really oh ty ? Building camps more than you need will just waste your spots and gives you upkeep cost.
    5) 2 trading posts depend on what and how do you use it ? If you trade than 2 trading posts won’t be enough. Sometimes you need ships or maybe trading post + marketplace on same tile and upgraded. It depends on clan and situation.
    6) ok
    7) Farm is not best for all clans and upgrading silo is usually useless (additional upkeep for 10 stone is usually worhtless.)

    • i might disagree with some stuff
      the 10% does help at the start
      2-yes and no if you see fertile land it’s better to take than others as it gives lots of food
      3- if you and ur teammates are ready for a war then dont bother you’ll wreck them and finish fast
      4-get gold fast cause people will rush you and you have to be ready to defend i also noted that 12~18 warband size is enough
      5- two upgraded trade posts are more than enough unless if you have other plans it’s up to u
      6- ok
      7- i agree on first part but upgrading silo and getting the silo lore thing (eradication) i think
      does boost alot
      anyway nice tips

  3. it gives more food on summer
    you are assuming your enemy wont prepare as well
    build camps according to your eco , you may not convert as much as you like or sustain them
    dont upgrade 2 trading popsts , upgrade market and trading post on same tile to get more value

  4. A few more tips:

    Early on, focus your scout on finding the center win condition. It will give you an easy fame boost. After that, push as far away as possible to find your opponents. The goal is to find their borders early enough so you can see their expansions without having to upgrade your scout building right away.

    Save Exploring ruins until after you have explored all the areas you can.

    If you do find a forrest for a lumber boost, don’t be afraid to destroy your woodcutter location and relocate them.

    Finally, if you’re low on soldiers but have hunters, use the archers to do some distance damage against enemies.

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