Castle Story – How to Cheat More Workers or Fighters

I will show you how to start with more workers or fighters and you can make it however many you want depending on if your computer can handle it.

Changing the Bricktron Cap

First go to your games and right click on castle story. Go to the part that says properties. Click it.

Then go to local files, browse local files.

Now go to info > lua > Gamemodes

Click the gamemode you want to change.

Then in that gamemode go to config and use a editor your familiar with like notes or text edit

Then go to resources and change the number that is next to the thing that say bricktronCap to whatever you want

Save the file and now your ready to get as many workers and fighters your computer can run.

Giving Yourself More Workers / Fighters

From the gamemode you just changed the Bricktron cap, to whatever you wanted, you now want to go to Presets

Inside presets open the difficulty you are going to be changing. You can go back later and change them back and change other ones too.

Now go down to where it shows starting workers, starting knights, starting archers and change those numbers to whatever you want, but keep in mind the more you give the slower your frames are going to be depending on what kind of computer you have. Save it before you exit the file.

If you have any questions about anything i will try to help and answer them. Also if it didnt work, try it again but dont have castle story open and make sure you save the files before you close them.

Written by huntermericle

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