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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Combat Guide (Some Useful Tips)

Written by E39   /   Dec 28, 2019    

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This is a guide that gives some tips on the combat and should help anyone struggling.

Useful Tips for Combats


The Witcher 3's combat is absolutely amazing, in my opinion. It is, however, vastly different from Witcher 2, and it took me a while to get settled. Here's some tips on how to fight those "pieces of filth", as Geralt calls them.

Oh, and remember the rule of thumb for defence in this game: parry and block with humans, and dodge away from monsters.

Do Not Button-Mash

This is probably an obvious one, but please for the love of god, don't button-mash in this game. You will be eradicated. Completely annihilated. You will get nowhere in this game if you do.

Time your attacks and dodge.

Never Let Your Guard Down

This should go without saying, but in The Witcher 3, you must never let your guard down. Block as much as you can, and dodge as often as possible. Remember the way you played Dark Souls, where you tried your best to not allow any damage to be taken? That is how you must fight in Witcher 3. As little damage as possible. Almost everything is capable of one-shotting you. If you let your guard down, then you will be demolished. And, even if you think a boss is dying and has no health, hit it one more time just to be sure, because if it's still alive, you'll have to fight it all over again. And speaking of dodging, that leads me to my next tip...

Use the Quick-Dodge

Learn to master the dodge (which is by default, ALT), not the roll. It does not drain any stamina, and this is why it is critical. You can use the dodge to quickly build up your stamina and use your signs again. Don't get me wrong, the roll is most definitely needed, in cases where you need to get distance from your opponents. But in most cases the quick dodge will be fine.

Combo Your Signs

Don't just use Quen nonstop, or Igni, combo your signs to deal the most damage. Always use Quen before a fight, but then switch to Igni or Aard during the fight, when you've gained more stamina to stagger or damage your opponent, and then go in for the kill.

Use Consumables Wisely

Don't spam meat or water in the middle of a fight. It will only waste them, and won't give any benefits. Use consumables only when you need to, (in my opinion, less than 50% health) and when you do, wait for the effect to wear off, then eat another if needed.

Do not spam potions as well, your toxicity will skyrocket and you'll die if it's too high.

Written by E39.