Halo: Reach – How to Get One Final Firefight Achievement (HTMCC)

This guide will explain the best ways to earn the achievement, “One Final Firefight” – Halo: Reach: Achieve a score of 150,000 points on Lone Wolf.

Challenge Introduction

In this challenge we will be abusing the game’s difficulty settings and Halo’s back stab mechanics as much as possible to reach 150,000 points. This may seem scummy, but I don’t see another way to reach this amount of points “fairly” unless you’re unbelievably talented at Halo.

This challenge takes approximately 30 minutes in one continuous attempt. You’ll need to focus closely on the game in order to complete this challenge. Small slip-ups can turn the tables in this challenge at a moments notice.

Before we get started, I found few differences between using a keyboard/mouse vs the Xbox controller in this challenge:

Keyboard/mouse isn’t hindered by aim assist but still has homing lunges every time you attempt to melee. However, I did notice you need to be very cautious of melee on the keyboard as pressing the key too long causes an assassination. You’re going to want your mouse sensitivity (DPI) high enough to be able to do 180* turns in order to back stab enemies for this challenge.

Xbox Controller occasionally gets mixed up from the aim assist and can have a harder time turning around. The controller also suffers from the homing lunges, and it can ruin your run time to time. Back stabbing seems to work slightly better on controller as long as you spam melee in very quick taps. You may want your sensitivities higher for this challenge so you can back stab enemies who move behind you.

I personally did this challenge on controller. Do what ever makes you most comfortable and avoids the most amount of accidental assassinations as possible.

Setting Up The Challenge

To start this challenge you will have to progress through all of Halo Reach’s campaign and complete the level, “The Pillar of Autumn”. Once you’ve completed this you will have access to the level, “Lone Wolf” where this challenge takes place.

  1. From the campaign menu for Halo Reach, select the mission, “Lone Wolf” and pick “Rally Point Omega”.
  2. Under the options tab, make sure to change the “Scoring and Time HUD” display to “Score” so you know how many points you have during the challenge.
  3. Change your campaign difficulty to Easy.
  4. Enable the “Black Eye” skull.
    Black eye is a simple must for this challenge. Every time you melee an enemy, your shields will recharge even while taking damage. This is how we’re going to cheese this challenge.
  5. Enable additional “Scoring” skulls to increase your point income.
    I personally recommend enabling ALL skulls. I haven’t completed the campaign on LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) and I haven’t ever been that into Halo skulls. Trust me when I say if I could do it, so can you. The only possible skull that might cause difficulties is “Catch”.

The Start of The Challenge

As soon as the level begins, we will be destroying all of the explosive barrels on the map to prevent any accidental deaths. I have taken all these screenshots without the skulls on, your HUD and player model should be invisible. My reticle placement in each photo is where the explosive barrels are.

1. This is the first thing you see when you start the level. This cluster of barrels is directly ahead of the spawn.

2. After destroying the first group of barrels, turn to your left. Almost behind you and off the spawn cliff, this group of barrels will be in sight.

3. This group is directly behind group 2, it’s just behind a concrete blockade to the right and further back.

4. Turning back around to where you originally faced when loading in, there will be another cluster of barrels along the side of the building you spawned facing.

5. After destroying group 4, walking further into the map will reveal another cluster in the building on the left, directly across from the previous cluster.

6. Past the buildings, this group should be in plain sight left of center.

7. Most of the remainder barrels are in a line along this industrial track area. Just keep moving right.





12. After destroying the last barrels in that row, turn around to face the first building. You’ll spot the last group along the back of the building next to the doorway.

Early Challenge Gameplay and Positioning

After you’ve removed the hazards from the map, enemies like masked grunts and ultra elites will being to converge on your position. You’ll want to eliminate these enemies to allow higher ranked elites to spawn.

Caution: The more of these enemies you clear, the more engaging the challenge becomes. Personally, I didn’t clear the map of grunts and ultra elites. I only killed the enemies who were a direct threat nearby. Wiping out all the enemies may result in you being overran by elites later on. After killing enough ultra elites, higher ranked golden elites will begin to spawn with energy swords and concussion rifles.

I highly recommend standing where the row of barrel clusters were, behind that damaged structure. Here are 2 photos of the area you’ll be utilizing:

The sloped area on the left in this first photo is where future enemies will respawn and advance from.

In this second photo, this is where you’ll be running around a lot, trying to back stab elites. Be careful around the pillars of this industrial track! You may get caught on it, elites may shield their backs with it, and elites can sometimes hit you through it. Try to be out in the open by the big industrial tanks.

Those massive industrial tanks are non explosive and make for great cover while you wait for melee elites to close in. Be mindful of the “Catch” skull. If you break line of sight for too long, the elites will try to flush you out with grenades.

Challenge Combat

There are a few rules to follow if you want to be successful in this challenge:

  1. Allow the elites to punch you. You’d normally think this is insane, but it’s actually the main gimmick of this challenge. When an elite hits you, they’ll momentarily stand still for about a full second. This is just enough time to walk around them and punch them in the back. Getting good at this skill is key for this challenge.
  2. Avoid assassinations like the plague. Holding the melee button too long behind an enemy causes a fancy kill animation. Yes, they’re cool. However, they’re extremely detrimental to this challenge. In the time it takes to finish the animation, you could have punched an elite 2-3 times for shield regeneration. During an assassination, elites will attack you and your shields won’t recharge until after the animation is complete. Assassinations caused me the most failed attempts out of everything else. Quick melee tapping is another key skill of this challenge.
  3. Punching enemies heals you. When I first started this challenge I had huge issues keeping that in mind. I kept thinking I had to back stab an elite to death for heals, but it’s helpful to punch them every chance you get. You should be punching almost every time the cool-down wears off.
  4. Keep your armor sprint from the beginning. You’ll want sprint to close the gap between you and the enemies as quickly as possible. If you’re out of melee range for too long, the elites will begin to spam you with concussion rifle shots. Sprint helps reduce the amount of time elites have to open fire.
  5. Stay in melee range as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, staying in melee prevents the concussion elites from shooting as well as the wraiths. If you break line of sight for too long, the elites will start to spam plasma grenades because of the “Catch” skull. This will set off chain reactions and mess up your run. Wraiths will also open fire time to time, so be mindful of that between spawn waves.
  6. Always focus on elites with swords. Energy sword elites are about the only real threat in this challenge after a certain point. You can simply melee a concussion elite over and over, out-healing the damage you take. For energy sword elites, you cannot. You’ll want to take these off the board quickly as they give you a deficit in healing trade-offs. It’s best to learn their attack patterns and actively try to dodge and parry them.
  7. Keep a steady pace. Going too fast or too slow in this challenge is a problem. If you go too fast, you’ll leave yourself out in the open with a bunch of ranged elites in shooting range who will open fire once you’re out of elites. You also want to keep a constant flow of elites so you can keep punching them to charge your shields. If you go too slow, you’ll get stuck in a mosh pit of elites and they’ll body block you from back stabs.
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