The Hunter: Call of the Wild – How to Mount Any Animal On Any Plaque

This is a guide created to help you mount any animal on any plaque in COTW Lodges.

How to Mount (Step-by-Step)


  1. Mount the trophy you want onto another mount.
  2. Click trophy manager and select “Retrieve Trophy” on the animal you want to mount, then press esc. Don’t press “Yes”.
  3. Remove the trophy you want from the mount you put it on.
  4. Go to the mount you want to mount your animal on and press “E” while looking at it. Don’t worry if there is already an animal mounted there.
  5. When “Retrieve Trophy” comes up again, press “Enter” on your keyboard.

It should be mounted! 


If you have any animal you can place on the mount you want your animal on, I suggest you place them on other mounts. If you don’t, the placeable animal will end up being placed on that mount instead of your animal.

Written by Dakota

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