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Code Vein - Depths: Tower of Trials Walkthrough (Tips and Video)

Written by Noco   /   Dec 29, 2019    

This guide contains a collection of runs and how it can be cleared with a reliable Build.

Depths: Tower of Trials Walkthrough

Useful Gameplay Tips for Depths: Tower of Trials

  • The first Tower is a great route to farm Haze and Marks of Honor.
  • Do not Parry Attack, Dodge > anything. Getting hit is really bad most of the time.
  • You can attack enemies while they spawn, get into a favorable position or getting sneaky hits on them.
  • Mobility, fast attacks and Backstabs are important and the key to victory.
  • Getting hit will cost alot of Health or even the whole run, be sure to watch all enemies's movements and always be moving.
  • Elemental Wall + Cleansing Light is the best combination, use it on Cooldown and love it.
  • Yakumo is the best Companion for this, hes a Tank, does good Dmg (does AoE's aswell) and is able to stagger Enemies pretty easy.
  • Gather Ichor on regular Enemies (Backstabs, Drain Attacks..), you need it to keep the Buffs up and for Damaging skills on dangerous Enemies and Bosses.
  • Argent Wolf Blade is the best 1H, his attacks are the fastest.

Rich people option:

  • Resistances on Blood Veils help with the Dmg income but if you are patient and play it safe you can skip those.

The second one is the hardest by far, then the third and lastly the first.


Tower of Trials 1

Tower of Trials 2

Tower of Trials 3

Written by Noco.

Game:   Code Vein