Dark Souls 3 – How to Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn (Boss Guide)

The character level for this fight: 53 (Knight). The weapon for this fight: Sword.

He is the 8th in this game. He has 2 swords: the 1st one is magic and the 2nd one is flaming). Besides that he can summon his phantom. This boss is one of the most aggressive in the game. You have to move in circles around him and block his attacks with the shield. He is very quick that is why you have to react fast. When he misses you must stab him some times. The phantom will appear when the health bar is on 50 %. Before it the wings sprout and at this moment you must attack the boss. At first you have to kill the phantom, he will not have too much health and it will be the easy task.

Use the estus flasks to replenish your health. It’s better to upgrade them to have more points in it.

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