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Tangledeep - Basic Spellshaper Guide

Written by Tekvorian   /   Dec 30, 2019    

So, you want to become a Spellshaper or want to learn more about it? Then you are in the right spot. After about 80 hours without dying on my Spellshaper, these basic tips should be useful for you or give you at least some perspective and insight into the class. This guide aims for beginners and what they can do immediately.

Guide for Beginners

Basic Stats and Starting Feats

On level up, focus on Spirit for 2 reasons:

  1. Maximize Spirit Power (meaning: just kill the enemy fast with max DPS) and...
  2. Get more energy from Powerups (get like 90 energy per Powerup in the late game).

Most damage will come from your skills rather than your staff weapon. So Spirit is more important than Discipline.

When you create the character, I highly recommend to get the bonus HP feat. It will help you survive easier.

Fire and Water Elements Build

Focus on Fire damage and Water damage. Reasons:

  • Your spell book can have only 5 affixes. So, you need to choose.
  • Fire is the best DPS element. Water has good DPS and CC.
  • In the late game, these will be enough to kill most of the enemies.

This is a late game build that you could aim for:

  • Fire Skill 1: Fire Evocation.
  • Fire Skill 2: Photon Cannon (from class HuSyn). It is amazing! It penetrates the whole line so that it hits all enemies. Also, you get 2 lines with the Runic Crystal.

  • Water Skill 1: Ice Spit (monster skill; copy it with Wild Child), Massive water damage. +20% buff to Spirit Power.
  • Water Skill 2: Ice Evocation.

  • Lightning Skill: Lightning Scroll (from class Calligrapher). Strong AOE damage and it is lightning which is useful in some situations.

Acid and Shadow Evocations as backup.

Manabombs (Staff ultimate). Costs no stamina / energy! Extremely effective against summons.

Pro tip

If you want to maximize your elemental damage, do this:

  • Lava tile: intensifies fire damage.
  • Water tile: intensifies lightning damage.


Use spellshapes (line, ray, rectangle) as needed. However, use always "Penetration" in the mid / late game:

  1. It saves you energy because you need less spells to kill something. This saves you also refill items.
  2. You need to re-position often anyway to avoid enemy damage. So the penalty of "Penetration" is acceptable most of the time.

Items and Affixes

  • Get a staff with physical damage. Put the Battlemage affix on it for more damage. Put elemental bolt or elemental fury affix on it for even more damage.
  • Get a book. Put fire and water damage on it. Put elemental resistance on it
  • Get a heavy armor. Put the affix Bubble on it. It will help you in critical situations
  • Get an obsidian ring. It will save you 20% energy.
  • Get silver emblem (job trials mid-game). Focus on direct damage output.
  • Do not get gold emblem until you feel strong / safe enough because it is very hard trial.

Support Abilities

It is all about minimizing the risk of dying:

  • [1] Steel Resolve (Budoka class).
  • [2] Fat Chance (Gambler class).
  • [3] Cheat Death (Gambler class).
  • [4] Panthox Skin (Wild Child class).
  • [free] Heavy Armor Mastery (side quest).
  • [free] Flow Absorber (Staff skill).
  • [free] Force Resonance (Staff skill).

Various Tips

  • Breed a strong pet to tank for you.
  • Get the HuSyn class crystal. It helps you with damage and tanking.
  • Always heal at 66% HP with e.g. chicken dinner, leg of turkey, banana or apple. Items are meant to be used and you will have lots of them later. Also, you do not want to die just to save a cheap meal item.
  • Only plant verdant fruit leaf trees and mighty grainshade trees. They will provide you with additional food.
  • Always buy all food from vendors. You will need them for healing and raising corral pets.
  • Always check all vendors when they have new items. You look for items with certain affixes that you can use and legendary items.

Written by Tekvorian.

Game:   Tangledeep