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Tangledeep - Status Conditions Guide

Written by Tekvorian   /   Jan 1, 2020    

This guide is about status conditions and focuses on debuffs currently.


There are various buffs and debuffs that can be applied to you and your enemies. Knowing them helps you better understand their effects and allows you to do founded decisions on which item affixes and abilities you want to use


Roughly, debuffs fall into one of these 5 main categories:

  • Abilities (Deny usage).
  • Attack (Deny usage).
  • HP (Damage Over Time, DOT).
  • Movement (Deny usage).
  • Stats (Reduction of Accuracy / Defense / Offense / Resistances).

Combinations of the above categories are possible. E.g. Greater Freeze denies movement and attacks.

  • Attack Down: -33% all damage.
  • Bleeding: physical DOT (needs confirmation on the damage type).
  • Blind: -33% accuracy.
  • Bullseye: Vulnerable to extra attack damage from one angle.
  • Charmed: Becomes temporarily friendly and fights for you.
  • Chilled: Take 25% more damage from water.
  • Confused: Attacks / Moves randomly. Might even attack allies and even itself!
  • Defense Break: defense reduced by x %.
  • Defense Down: defense reduced by 25%.
  • Fear: Flee from enemy. Monster does not attack until attacked.
  • Fire Burned (skill Fire Evocation): fire DOT of 25% of the basic non-crit damage done. Ticks 3 times.
  • Freeze: No movement possible. Attack and abilities are still possible (needs confirmation).
  • Greater Freeze: No movement or attacks possible. Abilities are still possible.
  • Haunted: 
  • Heal-Dampering (monster skill): Weaken player healing power.
  • Ice Chill (monster skill): Player cannot parry.
  • Lead-Touched (monster skill): Player cannot block or parry.
  • Panic: Rooted. Monster does not attack until attacked.
  • Paralyzed: No attacks possible. Movement and abilities are still possible.
  • Rooted: No movement possible. Attack and abilities are still possible.
  • Sealed: No abilities possible. Attack and movement are still possible.
  • Shadow Vulnerable: +10% more damage from shadow element.
  • Shaken: Losing 25 CT every turn.
  • Sleep: No attacks, abilities or movement possible until damaged.
  • Slow: Reduces gain CT by 50%.
  • Stun: No attacks, abilities or movement possible.

Counter Debuffs

  • Iron Grip (Free passive; Claw weapon mastery): Cannot be Paralyzed and your damage can never be lowered (no Attack Down debuff).
  • Resolve (Support ability; Budoka class): Cannot be stunned or critically hit.
  • Warmth (Affix, Accessory only): Immunity to (Greater) Freeze and Chill.


Written by Tekvorian.

Game:   Tangledeep