Desert Child – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide includes all achievements in Desert Child.

Complete Achievement Guide

Earning Money

Add the money hack and money magnet to your bike and make sure you junction the power cells. Keep your money in the bank as much as you can as it will build interest and be safe from the cops. The wireless hill garage is cheaper than dorothy street. throwing a race earns more money than other activities but you can only do it once every 4 in game days. collect as many cash tvs as you can in every race its the best money.


Two Baboons at once

  • Destroy two enemies at the same time.

This is easy and will happen when you race. I got it on the very shot I took because two of them lined up.

World’s fastest pizza

  • Take a pizza delivery job.

When you get to mars there is a pizza shop in the north shore.

Well… this is low

  • Successfully rob a bike on the street.

There are bikes all over the place just get the timing right and you will get this easily.

I’m the Lebanese Rambo!

  • Eat a snack pack without throwing up.

In the nightlife district there is a guy selling snack packs for $8.80.

Aquaman talks to water, not fish

  • Buy fish from the fishermen.

In the canals there is a guy selling fish for $25, if he’s not there come back after a race.


  • Collect all the secret tapes.

These are spinning around on the track when you are racing. Just keep racing and collecting them until you get it.

Mr. Bean

  • Eat 5 bean types.

The grey rectangle in the bean market sells 2 kinds of beans at a time for $12 each. Go for a race to get 2 new beans to buy.


  • Have over $9000.

You will get this on the way to saving up for grand prix entry fee.


  • Have 69% hunger.

The way I did this was get 100% hunger just by racing a lot, then go to mecha beach and eat a bun and some gum. when you’re at 69% go out of the shop and the achievement will pop.

Root Vegetables

  • Beat the game.

Finish the Grand Prix.


  • Complete your record collection.

Buy everything from the record shop in alibrandi lane.

The absolute madman

  • Equip more than 30 power cells to a bike.

Get a good score in a race and you will get power cell(s). get 30 and put them on your bike in the plaza.

Good morning videogames!

  • Start a new game plus.

When you finish the grand prix start a new game and you will have a white shirt.

The stones on this guy

  • Attempt to race with over 75% damage and hunger.

Very simple.


  • Phone mom for a loan.

Not sure how to do this but talk on discussions and maybe they will tell how.

Smarter than smoking

  • Never buy cigarettes.

Tony Jones

  • Buy every newspaper.

In the plaza there is a kid selling papers for $4.30 just buy one, leave to harbour, go back to plaza, buy, repeat.

The Martian is a bad movie

  • Survive a full month on Mars.

This refers to the in game days not a real time month thankfully. just keep playing until you get it. the months on mars have more days than earth.

Bean Machine

  • Eat all the bean types.

Keep buying beans after every race until you get it.


  • Fend off the police without being shot.

When you get attacked by the police just stay at the top of the screen and you won’t get shot.

Do you reckon Metro’s is this good every week?

  • Have a bad trip. Race on 4 stacks of strange beans.

When the bean market is selling Ecstasio beans buy 4 and go for a race.

This is real fun

  • Chill for over an hour.

I went afk for a while in the chill section at racing place.

Hello, this is Pablo

  • Achieve max notoriety, the rank of Pablo Escobar.

Steal from every bike you find, do the nightlife district jobs as often as you can. buy police protection from xwray on wireless hill if you need to because getting caught by the cops will reset your notoriety. it will destroy your money if you do it for a long time so try and get notoriety fast. to get to the next day do another race. this will reduce your notoriety but not by much.

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