Friday the 13th: The Game – Classes & Perks

Instructions with characters and perk selection to support a certain class.

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Characters: Brandon ‘Buggzy’ Wilson, Adam Polomino

Team Role: These characters serve as defence for other characters during critical objectives or as a means to aggressively distract Jason in a confrontation. Furthermore, they are essential to remove Jason’s mask with damage – pivotal for slaying Jason. These characters typically have strength as their central trait to enhance damage output, stunning potential and depletion of stamina during combat.

Perks: Slugger, Thrasher, Sucker Punch, Man At Arms, Heavy Hitter, Friendship, Swift Attacker, Evasion and Thick Skinned.

Builds: You may be a tanker (thick-skinned) who’s specialised in stunning (Slugger, Sucker Punch) or damage (Thrasher). Alternatively, a purely aggressive build is viable, starting with a baseball bat (Slugger) or possessing higher weapon durability (Man At Arms) for protracted combat. You may also specialise in being competent in combat mode with Swift Attacker and Evasion.


Characters: Deborah Kim, Eric ‘J. R.’ Lachappa

Team Role: These characters are able to accomplish objectives efficiently as possible, revolving around Repair/Intelligence, and also utilize vehicles competently. They are fundamental for a smooth mission and are highly vulnerable to require either distractions in their interest or active protection.

Perks: Grease Monkey, Tinker, Lead Foot, My Dad’s A Cop, Motorboating and Speed Demon.

Builds: You have perks to increase objective time (My Dad’s A Cop) or start/control vehicles for a better position (Motorboating, Lead Foot, Speed Demon, Grease Monkey) – no objective/asset is a challenge for you to either complete or control. Repair is never an issue, Jason close or not – Tinker offering increased performance for a mere few seconds being adequate to complete repairs.


Characters: Vanessa Jones, Chad Kensington

Team Role: These are loud characters – specialised in either luck or stamina – who’re competent at sprinting speed for escaping to effectively explore rapidly and also divert Jason’s attention from objectives being accomplished. They will tease, mock and evade Jason with an expertise in manoveuring and provide teammates invaluable time to either seek objectives or complete them. This is a dangerous, indepndent role and all other characters are advised to ensure distance from their activities.

Perks: Restful, Spatial Awareness, Marathon, Adrenaline Rush, Scout and Heavy Mover.

Builds: Perks benefit stamina regeneration (Restful) and momentum (Marathon) for higher stamina without stumbling (Spatial Awareness) whilst increasing loudness. As Jason’s regularly fixated on you, Adrenaline Rush complements ever being apprehended with a boost to your central abiltiy to escape – speed with stamina. Scout and Heavy Mover sustain fast, temporary fortification for breaks and to keep Jason occupied.


Characters: A.J. Mason, Tiffany Cox

Team Role: These characters specialise in stealth and moderate stamina to scout objectives and track Jason’s position for teammates. They are calm obsevers and have impeccable protection from Jason’s sense – they’re able to take advantage of their invisible status to either retrieve Jason’s mums sweater, ascertain locations for objectives in coordination with Distractors or collect critical items at an ideal opportunity. These characters often operate solo.

Perks: Home Body, Low Profile, Level Headed, Quiet Swimmer, Night Owl and Lone Wolf.

Builds: You specialise in being covert (Home Body, Level Headed, Low Profile, Quiet Swimmer) with composure for less noise (Night Owl, Lone Wolf) whilst alone, avoiding Jason’s Sense from either fear or noise, to have abundant opportunities for infiltration or observation.


Characters: Jenny Myers, Kenny Riedell

Team Role: These characters are relatively versatile to be adaptive with any situation unfolding and provide active support to main roles with a considerable composure to not become disabled – tools to divert Jason’s atttention for a break, healing items to recover allies and buffs to increase their performance. They may also provide additional support to those fulfilling objectives.

Perks: Medic. Hypocondriac, Teamwork, Friendship, Firecracker, Nerves of Steel, Preparedness, Tinker, My Dad’s A Cop and Potent Ranger.

Builds: You may be supportive of combat with a combination of perks to boost local stats (Teamwork, Friendship), including Firecracker to have an immediate item for a diversion, or focus on increasing time with an objective (My Dad’s A Cop) for that to be accomplished sooner as an increment to those focusing on repairs. Furthermore, there are options to be a medic – caring for teammates’ health – with double healing, increased healing and a medical item at the start (Hypocondriac, Medic) or a navigator (Nerves of Steel, Preparedness) who’s able to direct people as necessary over the map with an extensive knowledge of locations/spawns. As a contingency, Potent Ranger will provide you the chance to return as Tommy and fulfil any role with bonuses.

Written by LimeyPolo.

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