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Plague Inc: Evolved - District 9 Achievement Guide

Written by OblivionKnights   /   Jan 2, 2020    

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A basic and simple guide on how to unlock the 'District 9' achievement. District 9 was a Sci-Fi Movie released in 2009 about Aliens living in a confined ghetto in South Africa.

Game Screen

The difficulty setting doesn't matter. If you are playing this just to get the achievement in the easiest and quickest way, choose casual.

Set-up of the Plague

The movie was based and (at least partially) filmed in South Africa, which is where the Director is from. Therefore it makes sense that you must choose this as your starting country.

In order for your disease to start spreading, you must set up its manifesto, so navigate to the overview, and then manifesto, screens.


Note: You MUST set up your maifesto the EXACT same way mine has been set up, if you wish to get the achievement.

Fake News: For the type of Fake-News you will be spreading, select immigration.

Started by: You Racist M***!

Blame: The Frickin' Aliens!


Not too hard to continue, just build up your plague and it will spread.

I got the achievement at 2.450 billion infected people, goodluck!

Written by OblivionKnights.