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De-Void - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by alphabetsoup   /   Jan 3, 2020    

Complete Achievement Guide


All 8 of De-Void's achievements are unlocked for looking at optional terminals or audio logs scattered throughout the game. There are plenty more logs, but those don't count for achievements.

Note: The following images were taken in Planet Ancyra Chronicles, which is a combination of De-Void and the dev's other game Solarix. The De-Void portion of the game is identical though (including achievements).

Name: Park, Rachel

Field: Communications Rank: Manager ID: 60992 Clearance: Faithful Rachel Park served in the syndicate wars as lieutenant under Major Dimitri Kirilinko.

Chapter 1 - You will need to retrieve the Amber device from Maintenance Substation as part of the story.

Take the elevator down then turn right at the fork and walk to the terminal at the end.

Name: LaSorte, Alexander

Field: Empathology Rank: Coordinator ID: 5723 Clearance: Faithful Among the most highly respected empathologists of his time, Dr. LaSorte honored Solarix with over three decades of service.

Chapter 1 - Towards the end of chapter 1, you'll enter Sector 3.

Keep running forward towards the pillar with red lights and you'll see the terminal left of it.

Name: Wu, Vincent

Field: Maintenance Rank: Associate ID: 73188 Clearance: 2 Vincent Wu attended Solarix Polytechnic through a work study program, thus guaranteeing him employment with the company until such time as his educational expenses are repaid in full.

Chapter 2 - From where you start the chapter, turn right and look out into the open desert to see the following:

Run to the smoking structure on the right side of the screen and find the log on a crate.

Name: Mbire, Reuben

Field: Operations Rank: Director ID: 6801 Clearance: Faithful Mr. Mbire began as a factory foreman in the Central African Union immediately following the Syndicate Wars, quickly working his way up to a directorial position.

Chapter 2 - From the previous log, wander further out into the desert keeping the ship you arrived in on your far left until you come across the following crash site.

Inside is the next achievement log.

Name: Ohrstrom, Otto

Field: Stevedore Rank: Associate ID: 4527 Clearance: 2 Otto Ohrstrom was hired for scab labor during the Solarix strike. A former Union member, Ohrstrom's living expenses brought him to us.

Chapter 2 - From the previous log, look out far into the distance to see three structures. Run to the one on the left.

Find the next log in the hull on a crate.

Name: Boteler, Dale

Field: Archaeology Rank: Coordinator ID: 2005 Clearance: Faithful Dale Boteler's been on the Solarix team for a long time. He was part of the team that developed our patented asteroidmining technology.

Chapter 2 - Return to the start of the chapter and proceed with the story. After going through the laser doors, continue forward and look for an entrance on your right.

Head to back of the first area to find the log on a crate.

Name: Pickman, Hannah

Field: Astrobiology Rank: Director ID: 3056 Clearance: Faithful Astrobiologist Hannah Pickman comes to us from Oak River University on Metro 103. Oak River fired her after her habit of taking her graduate students on impromptu field trips outside the station was deemed a liability.

Chapter 2 - After seeing another vision and you are thrown out into the desert, return to the jungle once more. More or less opposite the entrance we took for the log earlier is a military camp. Enter the Neurotech Station.

Go up the stairs and approach the terminal immediate on your left.

Name: Ellyon, Lara

Field: Operations Rank: Deputy Director ID: 5854 Clearance: Faithful Lara Ellyon made her name in the Syndicate Wars, as Solarix's Secretary of Intelligence. She was trained in espionage from a young age, carrying out several crucial covert operations.

Chapter 3 - Enter the Security Center in the area you start in.

Go upstairs and approach the audio log on the table.

Written by alphabetsoup.

Game:   De-Void