Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – How to be a Commander

How to play as the commander.

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Don’t be in a position of leadership if you have no mic. The power of teamwork. A talk.
If you are the commander, and you don’t have a mic, please get off and let someone else do it. This role requires a lot of communication and coordination, which is the glue of teamwork. People who use typing to communicate are fools. No one will stop to read the chat. Were you just running through the jungle trying to run away from the AC-47 and went to yourself, “Lemme stop and check the chat.”

You have to talk to your squad leaders often about where to go, where the enemy is, where to mark arty, how the situation is, etc.

If you’re a squad leader, and if you don’t have a mic, you won’t be able to communicate well, please get a mic. Communications is key to teamwork. Teamwork will give you the added extra, the slight edge that will lead you to victory.

If you’re the squad leader, please set arty coordinates, please don’t die since you’re the mobile respawn point, and please set up tunnels (spawn points), and please listen to the commander.

Everyone else, just follow your squad leaders. Use squad chat.


Radioman – Your radio man probably won’t listen or follow you. So just use a normal radio or get a buddy with a copy of the game.

Radio – Just sit in front of this and communicate with your team. Where to go, what to do for 40 minutes at a time.

Helicopters – Someone told me helicopters have a radio (never confirmed this). You can mark arty coordinates using your binoculars (and then beacon), or just use beacon and right click. You can mark the LZ by using the beacon and then clicking Middle-Mouse-Button.

Ambush Recon (Vietnam)- This is extremely useful for getting your dead people respawned on the point (if you’re on it) NOW. But it requires you to be on point. Press “the respawn button” on your keyboard.

Offmap Firepower – When do you use arty? Spooky AC-47? Napalm? Whenever you have a juicy amount of enemies congregating an area, use this. Be careful, anything within 100-150m will be killed. This means everyone!

Anti-Air – This should be saved up to take care of annoying helicopters or the AC-47. Talk to your squad leaders when they need this.

Stay Calm – Even though arty and gunfire is preventing you from hearing anything, stay calm. You’ll have a heavy desire to scream orders. Even though you can’t hear yourself, your teammates will hear you just fine. In one match, I was screaming orders so loudly that my own team kicked me!

Story Time and Example

I just played a game where I was the commander in Hue City. It was a thing of beauty. First round was as Vietnamese, I hid on the top of B building in front of the radio. It was like a spaghetti western. So many bullets flying everywhere and yet none of them hit me. It was divine intervention.

All the squad leaders were firing on all cylinders.

I would say “calling recon,” and call up recon and start relaying information that is easily digestible. Saying “north and south” is harder to digest than “left or right” in relation to player orientation (front towards enemy). So i say “Far left flank, 4 enemies. Lots of enemies across the street from B. Squad leaders, mark arty across the street from B.” 30 seconds later, lots of arty coordinates appear on my map. One is enough.

I would tell the team what ability I’m using and when.

We lose A. I tell everyone to rush into B, use smoke. I tell squad leaders to build tunnels whenever they die (to remind them). It’s really important. I try to maximize any type of advantage and I keep the team controlled over the forces of chaos.

I yell “Arty danger close in front of B across the street, 60 seconds. Take cover. Get out of the streets, you will die.” This will minimize friendly fire and maximize enemy deaths. There’s still always that guy that never listens and gets killed by friendly arty.

We’re about to lose B by 75%, then I tell my team “calling ambush” and then use it. Bam, 8 people spawn on top of B. 75% goes to 0%. Rinse and repeat until the lockdown goes to 0 minutes. The enemy team was salty . My team was ecstatic, it was so lop-sided due to our MAXIMUM SYNERGY levels. It was like the enemy was fighting an extra 50% of troops.

Enemy: “Our commander sucks”

Sides switch. We’re now the US.

We took A and B within 10 minutes.

I told everyone where to go. We ran into lockdown with C. “Snipers, go take out the snipers on top of C.” With all commander options exhausted, I told everyone to rush the bridge since the snipers were down. We took C with 2 seconds to spare on lockdown.

I would say “calling recon.” and I would relay information like “8 right flank, 1 left flank, go left. mark arty in front of D, house” and everyone would do it. It’s better to make information easily digestible. Try not to say “mark arty on F3,” because you are putting more work on already stressed out people. Just say “mark arty on top of D” or “behind D.”

We were about to lose D due to lockdown. I told my team, “don’t die. napalm and spooky will be ready in 3 minutes. Don’t die, you are mobile respawn points. Rush after napalm. Don’t step on the fire, you will die.” Three minutes later, I called napalm on the house and then I called a spooky. “Spooky is preventing reinforcements from coming into D, take that house.” That spooky wiped out 16+ people behind enemy lines. We got D then E.

“Take out enemy tunnel at XYZ, check your map. Front of F clear, frontal assault. Fix bayonets, charge.”

The team fixed bayonets and charged the last position with very high morale. Our chances of losing the match were zero percent since we captured more than them after 5 minutes of the 2nd round. We captured F, ran their tickets down to 0 and we won by OVER ONE HUNDRED reinforcements.

Same plan, MAX SYNERGY and we ended up steam-rolling them. No amount of skill can help the enemy once we absolutely crushed their willpower and demoralized them with superior teamwork. Within five minutes of the 2nd round, the enemy team knew they lost the match. It is incredible demoralizing fighting against an enemy team that cannot die.

Their leadership was viewed as grossly incompetent since they were unable to capture more than one point. He didn’t have a mic. With severe doubts as to what worked and who to listen to, the enemy team ran amok as they tried to figure out what to do like a headless animal.

I could see on the map that the enemy was spread out all over the place even while the final point was over run. It was like they gave up or were extremely confused.

You can have all the skill in the world, but without willpower, it is useless. Without a foundation of willpower, there cannot be any teamwork.

Skill > Will > Teamwork

This is the power of teamwork. So when you take the position of commander and you have no mic, your team will crumble rapidly from the forces of chaos. As a leader, you need to control your people from the chaos and keep them on track through communication. Use a mic!

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