Rainbow Six Siege – Recruiting Rush Guide

This is a full guide on how to pull off the fabled Recruit Rush.

How to Recruit Rush


This guide will cover both Recruit Rushing and Defending. I will shorten both recruit rushing and defending to just recruit rushing. When I refer to recruit rushing I refer to both, unless I am refering to recruit rushing specifically.


Recruit Rush is highly recommended to be done with friends (2 or higher may suffice). This can be done solo, but the chances of the whole team performing and successfully winning is lower. Plus it’s more fun with friends.


The gamemode for recruit rushing is not entirely essential, as it can be done on any gamemode. Casual (Quickplay) is the most recommended, as it is more likely that the other team may also go the way of the recruit. If you don’t like playing Casual, it is recommended to play on Unranked. As in Ranked, it would be less effective and fun.

Basic Rules

For recruit rushing, it is important for everyone to use the same equipment and weapons for the full effect.

That’s all you need to do a recruit rush! Now we put this strategy in motion.

Deciding What Recruit Strategy to Perform

Depending on what team you are given, a variety of play-styles may be decided. Choosing what you and your team are performing beforehand will help reduce the chaos when you are in the character selection screen.

Remember that:

  • Blue Team – Attack Start.
  • Orange Team – Defend start.

Recruit Rush (Attack)

There are a variety of load-outs to choose when recruit rushing. There are two main ones: Shield Rush and M870 Rush. For attacking, run smoke and frag grenades.

Shield Rush

Shield Rush is very effective for pushing the objective and staying alive, it benefits a slower pace of play. You can find the Ballistic Shield in the FBI Swat category. If you have a team of 5, it is recommended for two to turn around and defend back, while middle faces either way with two facing the front. You move as one unit.

M870 Rush

M870 Rush is very effective for rushing the obj with force. You can find the M870 in the GSG 9 category. This is the embodiment of “Recruit Rush”.

Recruit Defence (Defend)

There are a variety of load-outs to choose when recruit defending. There is are two weapons: M870 and MP7. You can also play Tachanka with his turret.

Bunker Defence

Bunker Defence is where you hold the objective. The best strategy is to sit in the same room, placing Reinforced Shields around each doorway with Barbed Wire all along the floor. You all must be in the same room, and you can only use M870. Tachanka can provide useful, as his mounted turret can provide long-range support.

Roam Defence

Roam Defence is simple. No one can be in obj, and you all must be roaming! You can only enter the obj, if the enemies have planted, are holding obj or have grabbed the hostage. You can use either M870 and/or MP7. Tachanka is allowed to stay in obj, and he is optional.

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