Brawlhalla – How to Create a Dummy for Blackholes Training

Can’t you come up with a team combo? Is the bot too dumb or annoying you? This guide probably will help.

Creating a Dummy for Blackholes Training

All credit goes to DreamCutter!


A lot of blackholes you’ll see are outdated so you probably have to make your own and oh wow. A problem: you’ll probably want to make a dummy / afk body to see what u and ur mate can do but god said brawlhalla doesn’t give u an opportunity to make customizable bot in custom game like in training.

These AI bots are kinda stupid and sometimes its not what u want, calling a friend to stand afk is not cool as well.

You’ll easily solve this problem if u have a gamepad or 2nd PC but what if not?

This guide will let you connect a gamepad without having it so you and your mate can come up with team combos.

Step 1

First of all, you’ll need to download vJoy. It’ll create a gamepad input simulation.

I’m not sure if all the components are needed but let’s keep it default.

After this it may say that windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software but dw, click “install this driver software”

If you’ve done everything correctly, u’ll hear connect sound and there’ll be a vJoy Driver in “Devices and Printers” (to get there go to control panel => hardware and sound => devices and printers).

Step 2

You’ll need to download UCR (Universal Control Remapper).

*Universal Control Remapper is a Windows application which allows the end-user to remap any inputs from devices, such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, racing wheels, eye trackers, etc. to virtual output devices. Remapping is achieved by transforming inputs through plugins to a desired output device.

It’s an AHK version of this program so u’ll need to download autohotkey as well.

Actually there’s a new UCR version written with C#. It’s probably even better but idk I haven’t checked if it’s working.

Next guide steps will cover AHK version (pretty sure it’s almost identical for C#).

Step 3

Once you’ve downloaded everything, start UCR.exe. You’ll see this window:

Go to IOClasses => vJoy => Install SCPVBus.

Make sure everything is the same as on the screenshot otherwise the trick won’t work.

Now select the “Remapper (Button To Button)” plugin.

Now it’s time for binding buttons.

For binding an output button go to vXBox Stick => 1/2/3/4 (doesn’t matter but if u gonna bind multiple keys, bind it to one digit).

Then press it one more time and go to vXBox Buttons (or vXBox D-Pad) and let’s bind “A” button to join the custom game.

Once you’ve binded everything you need click “Save settings” at bottom.

Step 4

Welcome to Brawlhalla

Go to custom game, press input button you’ve binded and congrats! now you can come up with team combos or play ranked 1v2 or just play with yourself lol whatever.

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