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Hearts of Iron IV - Transport Tycoon Achievement Guide

Written by AaronVista   /   Jan 6, 2020    

This guide complains how to get Transport Tycoon achievement step-by-step.

How to Get Transport Tycoon Achievement

Step 1

Select the U.K (They start with 800 convoys already) and start the game.

Step 2

Once you are in, cancel all your ship production and build convoys.

Step 3

As your first focus choose "Steady as you go" as this stops the abdication crisis (Choose limited re-armament as your second focus).

Step 4

Now delete your oversea army and research production 1, construction 1 and concentrated industry.

Step 5

Build full shipyards in Sussex and Greater London Area.

Step 6

When you are done your second focus, don't choose another focus and save your PP and select Free Trade and war industrialist.

Step 7

Now you have to wait until around August 1936 and you should get the achievement.

Now you should have the Transport Tycoon achievement.

Written by AaronVista.