Total War: Warhammer II – All Elector Count State Troops List

This guide will show the Elector Count State Troops that you receive from taking one of the capitals as well as the runefang. I’m aware you can see these ingame but when you receive a confederation dialog and are unable to access that information it would be nice to have a guide.

List of All Elector Count State Troops

Elector Count State Troops

Carroburg Greatswords (Greatswords) – Altdorf(Reikland)

The Emperor’s Wrath (Steam Tank) – Nuln(Wissenland)

Eldred’s Guard (Spearmen w/shields) – Pfeildorf(Solland)

The Noble Sons Abroad (Pistoliers) – Averheim(Averland)

Stir River Patrol (Crossbowmen) – Wurtbad(Striland)

Sootsun’s Guns (Mortar) – Talabheim(Talabecland)

Swords of Ulric (Swordsmen) – Middenheim(Middenland)

The Bordermen (Outrider’s – Grenade Launcher) – Marienburg(The Wasteland)

Nordland Mariners (Halberdiers) – Salzenmund(Nordland)

The Stubborn Bulls (Empire Knights – Greatswords) – Wolfenburg(Ostland)

Gunderman’s Surefires (Handgunners) – Hergig(Hochland)

Knights of the Everlasting Light (Empire Knights) – Bechafen(Ostermark)

Knights of Moor (Empire Knights) – Castle Drakenhof(Sylvania)


Reikland – Dragon Tooth

Wissenland – Blood Bringer

Solland – Grudge Settler

Averland – Mothers’ Ruin

Stirland – Orc Hewer

Talabecland – Stone Breaker

Middenland – Legbiter

The Wasteland – Key to the Stadsraad

Nordland – Crow Feeder

Ostland – Brain Wounder

Hochland – Goblin Bane

Ostermark – Troll Cleaver

Sylvania – Stahlberg’s Letter

Elector Count Buffs

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