Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Wingman and True Friend Achievement Guide (The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC)

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Do you have what it takes to be a true wingman and bring our starbound lovers together in their quest for true love? Do you also want to gain insight in Lord Capon’s expert level tricks of becoming the town’s foremost dandy? Or are you simply unable to unlock these two achievements and can’t you find a simple guide on the net that gets it right? Whatever your reasons are, now there is the Ultimate Wingman and True Friends The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC Walkthrough, with pictures!

Guide to Wingman and True Friend Achievements


After getting the love potion (recipe) in No Rest for the Wicked, return to Pirkstein Castle and talk to young Lord Capon. Tell him you succeeded in your epic quest to find the Charlatan eh, learned healer that is and hand him the Musk of Infinite Allure.

Location of Castle Pirkstein relative to the butcher

He’ll tell you his plan to recite love poems in the night to his beloved while he’s under the guise of his newly acquired aphrodisiac. Only thing that’s missing in his grande scheme is a wingman that can whisper the poems to him.

Honeyed Words

Seems like you don’t really have a choice now do you? In any case, Lord Capon hands you the Anthology of Love Poems (good thing you’ve learned how to read) and tells you to go study it. I suggest that you do, because for the Wingman and True Friend achievements you will need to remember the poems correctly. Or rather, you need to memorize the first lines correctly.

So open up the anthology (or don’t) and read the first poem. Remember, you only need to memorize the first lines correctly, and to make it even easier, it’s only the first lines of the first three paragraphs in the anthology. They shouldn’t prove too hard to remember:

Gentle Night

Gentle night, why linger on?
I yearn thus for my love so long,
Without her words to still my breast,
Who shall set my soul to rest?

And now my heart in sorrow dwells,
From melancholic pining swells.
Since I, alas, was forced to part,
From the mistress of my heart.

Ah Lord, let me not wait in vain,
I yearn to see my love again!
Oh gentle Sir, be of good cheer,
I shall not cling to another dear.


Now regardless whether you read the anthology or not, head out for a stroll, play some dice, go get a girl at the bathhouse, or whatever tickles your fancy to pass the time. After a couple of hours, head back to Lord Capon. Enter his room at the third floor of Pirkstein Castle and… notice how it seems to be locked.

Oh dearie! Hansie locked himself up in his room

Well, it seems like the Musk of Infinite Allure did actually do something in a way because Lord Capon is covered in pimples. Be honest and tell him you don’t look quite your best after that pass a speech check of 0 and reassure him that appearances aren’t important your words are! Well done chap! That did the trick, and Lord Capon is all ready to conquer the latest love of his life.

Lord Capon gloating to his loyal henchman Heinrich

Follow him into the dark starry night, where forlorn lovers linger under the gentle cloak of darkness in search of eternal love and happiness. Seems the young lord is quite overconfident of his abilities (must be the musk) and thinks someone will actually find his amorous adventures important enough to write about… yeah, whatever. Next he’ll be telling us someone is going to create a DLC that centers specifically around his lordship…

Enter the churchyard of St. Matthew’s Church and his lordship will tell you to hide behind some bushes or an obituary so that Karolina can’t see you from her window. Well, turns out there is but one place you can hide—and it’s neither a bush nor an obituary—namely, the small shelter next to her window.

Shelter next to Karolina’s window where you have to hide

Do so and watch the cutscene. Remember the lines you were ought to memorize? No? Good gracious! It’s your time to shine and all replies are timed, what are you going to do? Scroll back in a hurry? Scream out? Wait! Alright, don’t panic, here are the answers—again—for you:

  • (First) Gentle night…
  • (Second) And now my heart in sorrow dwells…
  • (Third) Ah Lord, let me not wait in vain…

Our starbound lovers in the performance of their life!

That was quite the poem wasn’t it? Lord Capon thinks so too, tell him to Blame it on the French!. Watch Capon disappear into the dark night, while you have to take care of his new paramour’s father and henchmen.

The butcher and his cronies

You can either persuade (speech check 10), bluff (charisma check 14), or intimidate (strength check 15) miss Karolina’s father. However, eventually you’ll run out of witty things to say so start singing, and continue singing when prompted to and continue singing again when asked a third time.

Congratulations, you are a true messenger of love! At least if you did as you were told. The butcher and his henchmen should leave and you are left all alone in the cold night. This is also the moment where the Wingman badge should unlock!

True Friend

Now, if you unlocked the Wingman achievement, than you will certainly also unlock True Friend. If somehow you were unable to keep the butcher and his cronies away, but you did recite the poem correctly, than you should also be able to get this. If you botched up the whole thing then you’re out of luck and have to retry.

Regardless, head back from the churchyard to castle Pirkstein. Make sure to hold a torch (it’s mandatory at night in Rattay) or risk a thrashing by the local guard. Wait till the next morning 8 am should do and find Lord Capon still lying in bed.

Lord Capon seemingly cured from the Musk’s pimples. Congratulates Heinrich on a job well done

Talk to him and ask him how the rendezvous went. Seems like he is quite ecstatic with himself and he congratulates his henchman. You, the messenger of love with a deed well done! He’ll also give you the love note he sent to miss Karolina, so you can learn from the best. Such gratitude! Exit the dialogue and the achievement is yours!

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