Human: Fall Flat – Carry Achievements Guide

There are three achivements in Carry: Don’t get a splinter, it’s stuck, and tower. This guide complains how to get all of them.

How to Obtain All Carry Achievements

Don’t Get a Splinter

You earn this achivement by completing the level. First, put the crate on the large button. Then reach high to get the second crate. Put it on the button. Then press the red button to control the elevator. Bring the crate and go up. Put it on the big button. Then finally, move the train all the way to the right. Hold on the wall ans press the S button to move the train. Put it on the button to finish the level.

It’s Stuck!

This one takes the shortest time. First open the first door, and put the second crate between the first door. Remove the crate to earn the achivement.


This one is really hard. You need to stack all four crates. First open the first three doors. You will need to remember which crate you used first, second, third, and last. Take crate #4 and bring it in room #3. You want to bring both number three and four, but you can’t. First bring #3 back. This will close the door. Put #4 next to the drop and put #3 on top. Climb up and bring #3 into room #2. Take off crate #2 and replace it with #3. Take #2 in room #3. Put it on the bottom and 4 on top. Bring it onto room #2 and drop crate #2 in the void, so it comes back in room #2. Only bring #2 in room 1 and replace it with crate #1. Bring crate #1 into room 2 and drop crate #2 in the void. Jump around the wall. This is the hard part: First stack 2 crates next to the short wall. Then bring 1 box and put it on the wall. Then stack it on the top. Finally, put the last crate up. Tip: it’s easier if you grab the boxes in the middle.

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