No Man’s Sky – How to Get Unlimited Nanites (Easy Method)

This guide explains a simple and inexpensive way to get unlimited nanites.

Guide to Getting Unlimited Nanites


Of course you have to get ready so here’s how. Obtain the recources for:

  • 2 elecrtromagenic generators.
  • 2 suply depots.
  • 2 miners.
  • 2 suply pipes.
  • 1 medium refiner.
  • 2 base computers.

And install the survey divice (optinal collect recources for 2 teleporters).

Step 1

Once you have obtained the recources head off for a planet containing gold and locate a deep level mineral deposit with gold using the survey divice. Then make sure there is a elelectric field nearby. If there isn’t find another gold deposit and look there repeat untill you have found a gold deposit with a electromagnetic field within 500u.

Step 2

Once you have found your gold deposit and electromagnetic field put your base computer in the middle of the two and place a electromagnetic genorator in the electric field and strech a power cable over to your deep level mineral deposit and plug in a miner. Make sure it’s mining gold. Then hook up a suply depot to store all the mined gold (optinal build and wire up a teleporter).

Steps 3+4

Repeat steps 1+2 except find silver.

Step 5

Build a medium refiner in you base if you don’t already have one.

How to Use

Collect all of your gold and silver. Then throw them together in your refiner. It should make platinum then refine the platinum you should get nanites.

Tips and Tricks

You can upgrade the number of miners/depots. You have just make sure you keep it powered or it don’t work. This will also work for unlimited units but instead of refining the platinum you can sell it. It is recomended to sell in a rich system this way you will get more units.

Written by ratpack473

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