Legend of Grimrock 2 – Butcher of Many Walkthrough

Level #1: Northern Keep Woods (Part #1)

In this walkthrough you will find all useful items and secrets in my mod. Let‘s get started with looking what your party has equipped from the start of the Butcher of Many quest and what skills each hero has. Read the letter Marcus have and you will be informed from an old trusty friend Horanzoo about your quest. Let‘s begin!

Go through gate to a small clearing and pick up some Borra mushrooms around here. Etherweed lies under the forest statue. Look carefully under the broken and now collapsed bridge… and here lies the very first SECRET (S1)! Pick up this hidden message from Hyneg and read about burried chest near the Keep walls. Now go further to the Keep and kill all the Ratlings and Worgs here. Smash the crates and jars and pick up rotten food. Then step up behind the gallows and grab the sack with some poor fellow skull and his Peasant cap in the bag. He will not be needing his cap anymore. There is also a Mudwort herb nearby, under the big tree. The main gate of the Keep is closed and barred tight from inside and can‘t be ever opened.

Go further to the kennels and pick up the Dagger and Mole Jerky. The trapdoor you see won‘t ever budge – your way into the Keep won‘t be so easy. Get the showel used to clear up the mess from the Keep and then open the cage with another worg. Marcus can use its special attack from start so why not to use it now. There is an old Bone Club in the opened cage. Take it and don‘t throw it away – it will come in handy much later! Smash the barrels close to the wall to find a Wooden box with food. You don‘t need to pick up torches at all – since Elobi the Mage already brought an Everburning torch with her.

Go back near to the small broken bridge you saw earlier and turn left into woods. Kill the ratling and pick up his Throwing knife and two Blooddrop caps around. Also a Falconskyre under the sewers sign. The way down into the sewers is shut from inside the sewers. Since sewers are connected with underground entrance to the Keep, this sewer gate can be opened only from inside by the Keep‘s guards. You must find another way into the sewers. Grab the loot in the Sack the ratling had stashed here and return in front of the Keep.

Go right through the stone arch and kill the ratling here. Take his Throwing knife. Go to the Gotrak‘s Tomb and pick up Mudwort and Sack with herbs lying close to his tomb. Remember the message hidden under the fallen bridge? The „two trees shine green” near the Keep walls mentioned in this message are right in front of the Gotrak‘s tomb entrance – shining green by forest fireflies. Take a showel and dig here under those trees. Inside the burried chest is fine Lurker vest and Lurker boots! Now turn around and go to a big grate fence on left side of the tomb. Smash the grate with weapon and look through the bush. You will find a secret button opening Gotrak‘s tomb SECRET (S2). Push it and save the game before you take anything from the Gotrak‘s chest. Because Gotrak the Leatherfist will not be quite happy that you are going to take his favorite fighting gauntlets. Well.. kill him and take his gauntlets and leather helmet afterwards.

Go out from this area and go to the right under the Keep‘s tower and cemetery. Kill first ratling and take his pellets. Lets explore the graveyard first before entering the Herder‘s clearing with stone archway entrance next nearby. Kill the second ratling in this area if you haven‘t killed it earlier and take other box of pellets. Kill the first undead which have risen from its grave. The second undead has in his loot Old watches, Cursed compass and an old map leading to an apparently great treasure! Take all his items and notice his name on his tombstone.

The locked tomb close by with keyhole can‘t be opened yet. The glowing altar nearby will reward you – if you present onto it the two figures you see lying under it as a hint. You will return here for the reward later. Pick up the Bloodrop cap under the old tree. Go around to an altar with a riddle glowing on the wall. If you press the button a fireball will hit you if you didn‘t put on this altar the two things mentioned in the riddle. So put the small healing and small energy potion on the altar and press the button. There is small healing potion in the chest nearby if you don‘t have any left. You can also return to solve this rddle later from another levels. You will get 1500 experience for solving this riddle. Now look at the demon‘s head spitting out the fireballs. In the grass under the fallen pillar and bricks there is lying barrely visible forgotten Tome of Earth book SECRET (S3). You can‘t take it from here so go around the walls and pick it up.

Return under the Keep‘s tower but don‘t go to a Herder‘s clearing now. Explore the woods more on the left from the tower with Twigroots guarding another forest statue and altar. Around this area of the wood is one Blooddrop cap and Falconskyre. Save the game and take the Leafbond bracelet from the altar. You will be ambushed by four Twigroots if you didn‘t already killed them by hitting them in their slumber. If needed put Dirke with knife in her hand in the front row instead of wounded Marcus or Furia. (You can use keyswitch to quickly switch between first and second weapon in heroes hands). Since Marcus can hit enemies from the back row this may be useful strategy from time to time.

Give the Leafbond bracelet to Elobi and her energy will recharge faster. Step in front of the huge boulder on opposite side of the altar where the bracelet was. You can spot a Sack lying there almost in front of you – but too far to reach for it from here. Go around close to the tall Keep‘s Wyvern pillar and step into the bush right next the wooden fence. Smash your way through the dried bush and take the Sack you saw from the Twigroot area SECRET (S4). Read the note from Garribald and then return to the first forest statue close to a wooden gate you started the game. Pluck the crystalized Life shards from under the statue exactly as Garribald mentioned he would do. You don‘t need his magic Bearclaw gauntlets to do this – since you are no weak scholar as he was 🙂 By plucking out the shards the Royal mushroom spore you will encouter later losed its lifeforce bound and protection as Garribald expected. Note that otherwise the ancient Royal mushroom will be unbeatable. Now return under the big tower next to the cemetary and finally enter the Herder‘s clearing!

Level #1: Northern Keep Woods (Part #2)

Kill all Herder‘s and do not enter Ratling‘s camp on the left yet. On the right side of the clearing you can pick up Pickaxe, some Blackmoss and Wooden box with letter and some not so good outfit and sandals. Read the letter and turn around to take much better gear left by the unlucky explorer who wrote the letter and fall to his death. Huntsman cloak and Flarefeather cap is nice to have. The stucked gate can‘t be opened from this side. Go back and prepare for a fight. Ratling took the eggs from the two turtle nests so both are empty.

Hack through the bush and kill the Darryl and Darryl brothers and their minions. Using the potion of Bear form is very helpful here. In trouble use Healing crystal you have found earlier. At start of this fight Darryl closed the way out to the tower using lever in their camp – so you can‘t leave until you fight your way to mentioned lever in the camp. After the fight pick up two rapiers, turtle egg, poison bombs, some food, antivenom, Darryl‘s note and Brass key. Also pick up throwing knife and lock picks. In the camp you can pickup two turtle steaks, box with poison bombs, empty flask, poison and poison bombs.

Seems that Ratling boys were very busy making a lot of poison bombs. Open the chest and you just found all the stuff Ratlings managed to steal from the Northern Keep and sewers. Use the Brass key and open your way to an old forest well Horanzoo wrote about. Grab Healing potion from the Statues altar and kill the Mosquito‘s. Don‘t open the well just now and pick up the Blooddrop cap. There are four Throwing axes nearby in the mine alcove. Kill all the Herder‘s in the poison pit and heal your heroes after. Then return to the pit and kill the ancient Royal mushroom spore. You can kill it now because you pluck it‘s connection with its healing source earlier. After killing it get out from the pit and wait a while or rest to have the pit cleared from the rest of the poison fumes the spore created when alive. You can now open passage to the Herder‘s clearing. Don‘t forget to pick up a Skull and a nice Fireblade from ancient spore loot!

You are now ready to plunge into the old well deep waters. Go to well, prepare for a fight and open the trapdoor. Kill the Shrakk Torr and fall down into the well!

Written by Zdenek.

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